I appreciate that you have been a great follower of this blog. By being a follower you have been looking forward to get the list of all tools that I am using here. Understanding your desire I have decide to offer you list of all tools that I am using in my online business. These are tools that will help in making your online business something that will be able to move smoothly without any challenge.

By being on this page you are actually getting the tools that will help in making sure that you are ready to get started.  There is no any special order that i have listed these but all as they come in a way that thought will be better for all of us.

Domain Name: For any blog or site to be online there has to be an  address that we will be using when looking for these blogs or sites. These address that we most all of the time type in is the Domain name.  Simple example of Domain name will be this will lead you to this blog. For you to get one and online so that there is no one that will be using same name you will have to have it registered. Registration will be through domain registrar these are online companies that will have your domain registered there. We have many companies that you might have heard with regard to domain registration. Some, you will see them below but some will not be there at all, if you will not see anything here then just know these are at my recommendation of the one that I had used

  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap

Webhosting: Now that you have managed to get a domain name next step will be you getting the hosting of your site where domain will be pointing. Here  you will be having all your files and these files will be accessible online to all that will be opening your domain name.  When looking at a hosting company you will have to consider that will be secure that will be able to protect all the details that you will be having online so that there is no down time with regards to your site. Also like I mentioned above there are many that you might have heard about But I will be sharing those that have really been best solution for bloggers. I am recommending these because I have also used them and their support is really good.

  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost

Freelancing: While getting started online there are many issues that you will have to learn and put in place. Among these are some that you will be able to learn and some that you will not. Also there will be sometimes that you do not feel like  doing anything though it has to be done like writing article for your blog, setting a blog, responding to email, designing graphic etc. You are not the only one that is going through this and for that reason others have already come up with solutions with regards to this. There are sites online where you will get all those that can do anything that you want done at that time at minimal fee. All  you will have to do is sign up and add a job posting and many will apply then you can select the one that you really happy to work with.

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork previously Odesk
  • Elance

Email marketing: In any business that you will be starting you will have clients that are loyal. This applies to small business or any business kind that  you are  running and this extend to online business. Since we will be running it online then there will be great need to have the email marketing management tools in place.

As well there are some tools that I recommend on this area because of their usability and some ot tool that come with them;

  • Getresponse: It is one of the oldest email marketing tool that we still have in the market till date. Apart from being old it has really gone under many developments. Some of these development are like offering landing pages apart from subscription forms only. Also something that is really pleasing with this is there mobile flexibility that comes with this tool. Just getting this tool are ready to get started running your very own online business as soon as now.


  • Aweber: This will be the second one in  my listing there also many features that you can get from this tool also like the one above apart from the landing pages that are not being offered by them,  It is one of most used tools also for all online business owners.
  • CovertKit: It the current trending tool that  many are looking at it was created by the internet marketers out there. Since it has been created by internet marketers there are many things that were put into consideration in the making so as to minimize the cost but still have batter tool.

Affiliate networks: All those that are making money online the major way that we make money is through affiliate marketing. Others will be asking what is affiliate marketing ? this is promoting products online and then you get the commission from sell of any product that you will be promoting. Commissions will vary from one affiliate network to another. There are also some affiliate networks that are niche targeted meaning they only promote product in certain niches like health, finance, digital products, physical products etc.

Here are some of the affiliate networks that you can sign up and start promoting.

  • Clickbank: This is the very famous one and among the first in selling digital product online. If  you sign up here you will be selling digital products like software and eBooks that people will download after buying that you will get a commission from that sell.
  • Commission Junction: This is the oldest and here you will have many products of any category that you can promote. It is also like an affiliate network manager for many companies. After you sign up here you will have to apply to different product that you want to promote after you have  been approved you will have an opportunity to promote these products.
  • Amazon associate:  It is an affiliate program that is under amazon and you will be making commission for any amazon product that you sell from amazon through the affiliate link that you get from there. Commission might not be great but they are also great if you sell high value items.

Cpa Networks: Apart from affiliate network commission there are also other opportunities that you can make money online. Cpa affiliate Networks  are affiliate companies where you will be paid a commission when all those that you direct to these links sign up with either e mail address, full address or order a trial products. Here is the list for the Cpa Network that you can join to take advantage of this:

  • Peerfly
  • Maxbounty
  • Neverblue

Paid advertising: like  marketing  offline business using the billboard there are also ways that we can promote the online business so as to get more traffic. It is also the fastest way that you can get more traffic to your blog if you will use paid advertising in the right way. We also have many companies that are coming up every now and then through which you can advertise your Blog . All that is required of you is understanding how that advertising medium really works so that you can have more traffic to your blog. If you are to understand this so well it will be like you firing a gun at target after understanding so well how it is.

  • Facebook advertising
  • Bing ads
  • Google adwords
  • Pinterest ADs
  • Twitter ads

Keyword research Tools:  before you even have any domain name that you need to register you will have to do some keyword research with regards to the word that you want to register so that you have the right domain name. Using keyword research tools you will get the right keyword that you need to have it registered.

  • Google keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword tool
  • SEO book