How to start a blog in 4 minutes

You are reading this blog because you are looking at how to start a blog. It has been a challenge for all of us when it comes to creating a blog. Because of this challenge and many finding it very complicated, we have not taken any step but at stagnant on the same place.

Ths being the reason we have all failed and have not gotten started with blogging believe that it is very complicated. Understanding all this and taking it into consideration it had brought me to this point of getting something simple to follow up. I believe this will be the very illustration for many to follow through and have a full time running blog at the end.

When looking at blogging there are basics steps that you will have to follow to finally get a complete running blog. As they might seem complicated these steps they are basic as per the below list and I will have them illustrated to all that are getting started here and you will start a blog.

Till the end of this post you should be an expert blog creator and here are some steps that we are going to look at:

– Niche Selection
– Domain registration
– Webhosting
– Blog Installation and setup

Niche Selection:
While getting started in starting a blog you will have to look at niche or topic that you will be blogging about. This will be the name of your blog that many will have the search or type in online to get to your content. When looking at the name you will have to take into consideration the easiness of remembering the name of your Blog.

Meaning name of your blog should be something that will be easy to remember and not very complicates. You will get correct niche name for your blog by going to forums or other blogs that are talking about your blog. Apart from the name, you will also have to look at the SEO side of the name by researching the traffic volume to that name. This will be a topic for another day, where we will look at getting how to do proper keyword research.

Domain Registration:
Now that you have a name you will have to register it online and get a domain name. Domain names will be the name of your blog something like Registration of your domain name can be done by many domain registrants.

After registering through all these domain registrants you will have to change name servers so that they are mapped to your host server. This sound like something complicated and something making some of us not to go any further.

For this reason, I will offer you my personal recommendation that will make all this process very simple. My recommendation will be getting your domain name from your host company and my recommendation is Bluehost. By using Bluehost you will also be getting a free domain for the first year, allow me to take through Domain Registration step by step.


Getting startedTo Start to click on the link below link after getting on the page click on the green “get started now” button as shown below:

Bluehost getting started
Bluehost getting started

Package Selection: You will then be taken to another page as per below where you will be required to pick a package that you are going for.

If you are just starting and looking at creating one blog then the basic Package will be fine for you.

For all that are looking at hosting more than one blog then plus one will be an alternative to go for.

Now that we are going for Basic click on the “Select” button below so that we can continue

Bluehost start a blog package selection

Domain Name Registration: On this page, we will be registering the domain name that we have chosen and will be going for like here it is

If you already have a domain then you can enter it on the “I have a domain section”

But since we are registering new domain we will have to enter it on “new domain” section.

start a blog

Account Information: After selecting domain we will then have to enter our information related to the domain name. This will be information required for domain registration on any domain registration for the verification process.

start a blog

Package information confirmation; On the same page at the bottom, you will have to check and confirm package information considering what you have selected.

Since you we have selected basic package we will have all details of this plan and all the service that you will be getting with regards to this package. You will also have the option of changing payment plan on this and leave out some other services if not interested.

As indicated below since you are getting hosting from Bluehost you will have free Set up and Domain Registration where you will not be paying anything instead.

Upon completion, you just have to enter payment details so that payment can be cleared.

start a blog bluehost

Blog Installation:

Mojo Marketplace and word press Installation: Finally after payment has been done and package selected you will head over to WordPress installation under MOJO Marketplace.

You will access the window for one-click installation and since we are looking for WordPress we will go for the first option.

start a blog Bluehost

After clicking on WordPress you will be brought to the page below where you will click on “start” to get started with installation.

Depending on the speed of your internet it will take some time but should be done in within a few minutes.

start a blog Bluehost

Domain Section: During this process, if you have many domains on hosting you will be prompted to selected the domain where you want to install this blog. Here you will also be prompted if you are looking at installing this in a sub domain.

Username and Password setup: as a final stage you will have to enter the username and password that you will be used in accessing the backend of your blog.

Upon clicking install now you will receive an email confirmation with all the log in details to your blog.

After getting these detail you will in your email that mean you finally have your blog installed.

Thank you so much for following through till this far please you can now start taking action on the below link and you will also have free Domain name.