Top 10 Internet marketing blogs in 2018

Getting a role model in anything that you are doing will be very very good because you would have gotten something to look to. There are many ways I can get a mentor that will be assisting you while you grow your Online affiliate marketing business.

That being said you will have many mentors that will come by, but all we will have to look at will be those that are in the same industry like you are. I will be sharing with you the internet marketing blogs that you can look to as your mentor or guide as you go on this year. I am listing all these blogs, not in a specific order but randomly but they’re all unique in certain ways and looking at content that is being shared on these blogs.

All these will be guides to you in many ways as you grow your online business, in making sure that you have all the information that you need to get equipped. All have shared online sites because the easily accessible and they are all free you not need to pay any fee to join these blogs so that you can read the content.

This will be better for you because you are just starting and I would not recommend you spend a lot of money on subscriptions.

Like I most fo time say what will change will be application of all the information that you will be getting from these Blogs

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

All that are working online are getting their income mostly from affiliate marketing.

For all those that are not aware of affiliate marketing, it is getting a commission for all sales that are generated through your affiliate link. There many affiliate product that you can promote out there like you will see on many of these blogs that I have listed here.

I am sharing all these blogs so that you can be motivated when it comes to online business. Remember a saying that says “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Meaning if there is any place that you will have to spend most of your time on, that will be affiliate marketing blogs. Because from these blogs you will have the information that you have been looking forward to hearing. Apart from that, you will also be motivated by looking at the success of others.

By hanging out on these blogs you will be getting many tips that you need for the growth of your affiliate marketing business to the highest extent. There are many online blogs that will be able to offer you all this information but you will have to look at which are beneficial and will be able to help you. For any new tips and offers when it comes to online business this will be the place for you.

Have all these bookmarked on your computer will not bring any better result when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You will have to take action so that you can see the results in this industry.

Smart Passive incomes

smart passive income Affiliate marketing blog

Learning something from those that are actually doing it will be a better experince for you.

If there is anyone that is sharing all the best possible information onlinewhen it comes to affiliate marketing, then you will not miss the name of Smart Passive Income. The man behind this blog is Paty Flynn since day one.

He started his first blog which was in the his field of study, after making it possible on his first blog he started sharing all the information with regards to affiliate marketing. He started it as the point of training others in the field of affiliate marketing.

Something that is more interesting on his blog and famous for all those that are going to this is the monthly income reports that he shares on his blog. All these reports are well detailed and share the best information that is more detailed and encouraging.

Apart from affiliate a marketing there also some products that he has created and books that he has written Like Power Up Podcasting, Smart From Scratch and Will It Fly (Book)


Making Sense of Cents

making sense of cent affiliate marketing blogs

Looking at affiliate marketing you will also have to look at making sense of cents as a blog that has most of the information and motivation that you need in this industry.

After looking at smart passive income the second blog that you will have to look at is Making Sense of Cents. It is an affiliate blog that also easy to understand affiliate training that you need. On this blog, you will have access to its income statement that is shared at the end of every month like it is for smart Passive income and other bloggers.

On all these income statements you will get the information on what is working or not be working by looking at the income generated from various affiliate offers. By understanding, this many have managed to into the right affiliate offers that they can promote to their followers.


Blogging Cage

Blogging Cage affiliate marketing blogThis is a blog that has been started by someone like you and me who are looking at something that they will be able to do Online.On his blog, he talks about his online business journey documenting all the major things that he has been doing.

The first blog that he started working on them from the beginning was under his Kulwant Nagi While working on this blog which mostly into MLM he saw a need for Blogging because many people were asking him when it comes to blogging. After getting many enquiries with regards to blogging, he decided to start a blog that will focus on blogging.

While looking at whether to start a separate blog or use the same one he decided to start a new blog that will be based on blogging the only and that was the birth of Blogging Cage. If you are looking around for more blogging tips then you will get them here because of his unique style of writing and sharing of case studies you will have the information that you need well packaged.

Cloud Living

Cloud Living affiliate marketing

In these time we have many people that are looking a getting off their 9 to 5 Jobs out there. This comes so much inline when you are looking at this, as he is one of these that you will be able to guide you through this journey.

All those that have been able to follow along on this blog and join the training that is being offered here have gotten the results than expected in making sure they are out of their 9 to 5.

It is more on blogging and affiliate marketing like the other blogs.

Search engine optimization blogs

Website when they started, in the beginning, they were created by those that were well versed when it comes to coding and understanding on the HTML language.

Apart from getting the perfect coding for the may website, there was still a very important part that was to be done. This getting perfect search engine optimization for the website so that you can have a better ranking for certain keywords that you are targeting.

If you getter a better SEO for your blog you here Guaranteed better ranking for that keyword. Anyone searching for that keyword you will come out on the first page of search engine which guaranteed you traffic if you are number one.

Neil Patel

neil patel affiliate marketing Blog

When it comes to SEO you will not speak about it without making mention of Neil Patel. He had worked with many big brands and worked on many of his own sites that have been a great success.

When you talk about Uber Suggest it is also one of his products. Till now, it has been a great tool when it comes to keyword research all Those that are using this will agree with me on the same point that it has been a great tool.

Taking into consideration that the creator SEO guru, you definitely expect to get the best from the tools that are being created and shared by him to the general public.

There is a lot of information that is being shared by him when it comes to SEO so it is not a place to miss for all those that are using SEO traffic to their blogs or websites.


Backlinko affiliate marketing blog

Brian Dean is the man behind this blog. He also one of the famous SEO advocators which are also displayed in the posts that he has on his blog. They are very long posts that offer in-depth information. Because of the information, that is shared in his post they also have many comments coming over to this blog.

All the information that is being shared on this blog, is something that will be very helpful. All this is due to the experience that he has shown in this industry.

Being an expert in this field, will you require you to get the information when it comes to SEO then this will be another place to visit.


Viperchill affiliate marketing blogs

Looking for well and detailed reports on SEO then you have no any better place like Viperchill. He offers some of the most detailed reports when it comes to SEO for various website analyzing anything that is making these sites rank on the search engine.

He had done this for a long time to such an extent that he had to start another site called for more detailed case studies. For many testing, when comes to SEO and anything when it comes to affiliate marketing these you will have that content here.

Since starting at a very young age he has managed to manage many big websites from their social media campaigns to SEO.

Smart blogger

smart Blogger affiliate marketing Blog

This is another the SEO guru that you will not leave out without any mention. there many tips that you will be able to learn from this blog when it comes to Search engine optimization

There are many SEO bloggers that you will have to look to and this is one that will help you out. Once on this blog, you will have many long posts that will show you around the details SEO working that you need.

SEO Stream

Seo Stream affiliate marketing

As the name suggests this is the blog of one SEO guru that has been working for the SEP firm but finally decided to dive into something of his own.

This finally brought this brought him to creating this blog so that he can be of great help to all that are just starting and looking at getting everything done in the best possible way.

Rank Xl

rank Xl affiliate marketing

Getting a better and perfect randing is something that we all have to look at when it comes to getting any website to page one.

If you have no any ranking for your website you will not be able to get any traffic to you only those that have better ranking will get more traffic.

Why we are looking at traffic as something is very important it is all because with this you will be able to get some that will convert to sales and hence generating an income.

In conclusion, allow me to say that all these blogs that I have listed are something that will be able to give you a boost in online business career.

Please don’t forget that this will only happen after you have taken action by implementing all that is being shared on these blogs.

Many have read these blog bog and note take action because of that they have not seen any results.

Affiliate marketing for beginners 2018

Affiliate Marketing Meaning

What is affiliate marketing? that will be your question as you get to read this.

Knowing that you will be having this question I believe it will better that we understand this before any details. If you will be looking for the definition of this online you will have many definitions that many have tried to define this.

In simple understanding affiliate marketing is promoting the various product from others and getting the commission out of the sales that you have done. Selling of these products can be online or offline but all this will have to be done through an affiliate link. Now that we are looking at online this will have had to promoted online and in making sure that the commission is allocated to your account you get affiliate links from all these product owners.

After getting affiliate link, all you will have to work on is getting traffic to these affiliate links. All those that will click on your affiliate link and buy you will be entitled to commission on that sale. With all better tools in place, your commission will automatically be debited to your account and paid to you after a certain threshold.

Payment of affiliate commissions depends on the network that you are working with. Some of the famous payment options are PayPal,
Payoneer and bank transfer.

How affiliate marketing works

Something that we all will have to look at considering that many have said it possible to make money online through affiliate marketing.

We will have to look at how affiliate marketing works to make money doing it. In short, making money through affiliate marketing is through the commission that you will be making for sales arising from the affiliate links that you have shared.

Sharing of affiliate links is possible in many ways depending on which will be better for you and by which you are conversant with. One of the famous ways to share these links is through creating a blog. With a blog, you can create content that will be inline with the product that you are promoting and add the link back to the content that you will have on your blog.

Apart from blogging here are some of the ways that you can share your affiliate links through:
– Social Media Marketing
– Email Marketing
– Pay per click advertising

Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are various affiliate programs that you can join for you to promote their products. Affiliate marketing programs can be categorised into two main categories. These being affiliate networks, where you will have many different products from different companies and individual affiliate programs.

Affiliate networks have many different products that you can promote. The good thing about these is with just one application you will be able to promote various products that are offered on these networks. With the, s it will be very convenient because you will not have many accounts with various companies but you will have one account where all your commission will be collected through. Apart from that, you will also save on the transaction fees while getting your commission because they will be coming from one sender.

Now that you have the information you will be looking at knowing these and maybe joing them so that you get started. Listed below are some of the top affiliate networks that you join:

Clickbank: This is an affiliate network where only digital products are listed. It is also one of the longest standing affiliate networks with any product that you can be promoted in various niches. One big plus point for this is it very easy to sign up for them considering it has been created by our fellow internet marketers.

Clickbank - Affiliate commission

On this platform should you have any digital product you can have it listed for sale here? All transactions and Delivery will be managed by them after all your payment will be sent to you after two weeks.

Commission Junction: This is one of the biggest affiliate networks that have many advertisers. Compared the later here you will have an option of promoting Service and physical goods as well. For you to be able to promote you will have to even after signing up to the net word you will have to apply for approval.

Commission junction Affiliate marketing

Approval for promotion is not that complicated if you as you have been approved. The only draw back or motivationg factor when it comes to this network is that your account can be disabled after some time if you are not gettingany affiliate commission.

Market health: For all those that are looking at promoting the health-related product then this will be the network. here you will have all health-related products that you can promote as an affiliate.

Market health

Apart from direct affiliate commission, you will also have an opportunity to get you CPA commissions from some of the trial products. This will better for all that are blogging on health-related products.

In closing for all that are looking at getting started with affiliate marketing you can join up with me for free Guidance.

Looking forward to having all of you on Board when it comes to affiliate marketing.



Keyword research for beginners

Keyword research is something that you will have to look at while getting started online. this will be a normal blog or any e-commerce website that you will be building this will have to be a foundation that you will be following.

Why we are looking for keywords is all to make sure that we are able to rank for content that we have on our website or blog. The more people will be coming over to your blog because of content the better. Because of this traffic that will be coming over to your blog, this is what will result in conversions which is what we are looking for.

That being said you will have to take this very seriously and get correct keyword that you need for your blog. We are talking about keywords that are related to what your blog is about. It will be possible if we have better skill when it comes to getting the keyword that is right for you and what your visitors are searching for online.

Here I will be sharing more detail on the skill that you need to get these keywords that you need for your business and to make it online.

One major thing you need to remember is that all those that will be coming to your blog, will research there after searching online.

Getting correct keywords will give you a better ranking chance on the search engine. This all we need to make it online for any business


Another Question that you will have is “what is a keyword ?”

It will not be right if we do not explain this in detail. A keyword is a word or Group words that define what content is about in an article. It through this keyword once used correct visitors will come over to your blog after searching for these words. When the internet just started content ranked at most using the one-word keyword. After many changed that have taken place when it cone internet marketing is not easy to rank for single keywords and nad for this reason raking is possible keywords with many words that we now call long tail keywords.

What matters when it comes to getting the ranking of your content using these keywords will depend on many factors like:
– Understanding of keywords and how they work
– Using Correct Keyword Research tools
– Keyword analysis has to be done after getting the keywords.

Once all these steps have been followed you will have the right and appropriate keyword that you need for your content and that will then results in your content ranking online.

Free keyword research tools:

All those that are into internet marketing will agree with me that keyword tools are into two categories and that is paid and free tools. Many of us that are already in the game we have used mostly the free keyword tools and slowly graduated to paid versions. If you are using the free keyword tool my recommendation is to use the tool from Google called Goole keywords planner.

To access the tool you will have to open an AdWords account, which is Google paid advertising platform. Once at the planner you will have to identify a basic keyword that you need to target.

All we will be looking for in result which will be How much traffic does this keyword that is generated get. The more the searches the better but is there fewer searches it will not be beneficial as keywords to be worked on.

Looking at keywords in the manner gives you confidence that you will not be wasting time on keywords that you are working because we looking at targeting what people are searching for when they go online.

Allow me to take you through proper use of Google keyword planner

Step 1: Acess the google keyword Planner

You will have to access the Google keyword planner tool to get started. This will be accessed by clicking spanner sign on the top and clicking on the Keyword Planner.

Here is the window showing all these options that you need to access.

Keyword research

Step 2: Enter suggested Keyword

Now that you are on the tool and have a list of the suggested keywords, you will have to enter the keywords.

As indicated on the below screenshot you will have the option of the information that you can enter.

Options that you have are Product or service, Landing Page and Your product category.

Considering that we already have seed keyword we will have to go for the first option.

As an example, we will be using “Knitting” as seed keywordKeyword research

Step 3: Analyse the results.

After getting results you will have to get analyse them so that you get correct selection when it comes to the right keywords.

Looking at the list generated below we will be going for the long tail keywords that have been generated. Here we are looking at getting keyword that has many words in them with low competition as well.

Keywords that fulfil the above are as per the below list Knitting stitches, crochet patterns and knitting yarns.

With all these keywords in consideration, we will for the first one that has Low competition but has a lot of traffic.

Keyword research

We have selected “knitting stitches” because it has high traffic but low competition which is what we are looking for.

Keyword analysis tool

Now that we have gotten the keyword from Google Keyword Planner we will have to analyse the competition.

We will analyse this using Google Search Engine. To fulfil this we will enter the keyword on the search engine with inverted commas so that we check how many competitors that we have.

This will give us the confidence if that will be the keyword to go for after analysing size of the competition.

Knitting stiches

As per result from the above screenshot, this will be a very competitive keyword to go for because there are just too many pages competing for the same keyword.

We are looking for the keyword that will have a competition of less than 200,000 as we are looking at using SEO.

If you will be using paid traffic and have the money to invest then you can go for this keyword but it will cost you.

How to start a blog in 4 minutes

You are reading this blog because you are looking at how to start a blog. It has been a challenge for all of us when it comes to creating a blog. Because of this challenge and many finding it very complicated, we have not taken any step but at stagnant on the same place.

Ths being the reason we have all failed and have not gotten started with blogging believe that it is very complicated. Understanding all this and taking it into consideration it had brought me to this point of getting something simple to follow up. I believe this will be the very illustration for many to follow through and have a full time running blog at the end.

When looking at blogging there are basics steps that you will have to follow to finally get a complete running blog. As they might seem complicated these steps they are basic as per the below list and I will have them illustrated to all that are getting started here and you will start a blog.

Till the end of this post you should be an expert blog creator and here are some steps that we are going to look at:

– Niche Selection
– Domain registration
– Webhosting
– Blog Installation and setup

Niche Selection:
While getting started in starting a blog you will have to look at niche or topic that you will be blogging about. This will be the name of your blog that many will have the search or type in online to get to your content. When looking at the name you will have to take into consideration the easiness of remembering the name of your Blog.

Meaning name of your blog should be something that will be easy to remember and not very complicates. You will get correct niche name for your blog by going to forums or other blogs that are talking about your blog. Apart from the name, you will also have to look at the SEO side of the name by researching the traffic volume to that name. This will be a topic for another day, where we will look at getting how to do proper keyword research.

Domain Registration:
Now that you have a name you will have to register it online and get a domain name. Domain names will be the name of your blog something like Registration of your domain name can be done by many domain registrants.

After registering through all these domain registrants you will have to change name servers so that they are mapped to your host server. This sound like something complicated and something making some of us not to go any further.

For this reason, I will offer you my personal recommendation that will make all this process very simple. My recommendation will be getting your domain name from your host company and my recommendation is Bluehost. By using Bluehost you will also be getting a free domain for the first year, allow me to take through Domain Registration step by step.


Getting startedTo Start to click on the link below link after getting on the page click on the green “get started now” button as shown below:

Bluehost getting started
Bluehost getting started

Package Selection: You will then be taken to another page as per below where you will be required to pick a package that you are going for.

If you are just starting and looking at creating one blog then the basic Package will be fine for you.

For all that are looking at hosting more than one blog then plus one will be an alternative to go for.

Now that we are going for Basic click on the “Select” button below so that we can continue

Bluehost start a blog package selection

Domain Name Registration: On this page, we will be registering the domain name that we have chosen and will be going for like here it is

If you already have a domain then you can enter it on the “I have a domain section”

But since we are registering new domain we will have to enter it on “new domain” section.

start a blog

Account Information: After selecting domain we will then have to enter our information related to the domain name. This will be information required for domain registration on any domain registration for the verification process.

start a blog

Package information confirmation; On the same page at the bottom, you will have to check and confirm package information considering what you have selected.

Since you we have selected basic package we will have all details of this plan and all the service that you will be getting with regards to this package. You will also have the option of changing payment plan on this and leave out some other services if not interested.

As indicated below since you are getting hosting from Bluehost you will have free Set up and Domain Registration where you will not be paying anything instead.

Upon completion, you just have to enter payment details so that payment can be cleared.

start a blog bluehost

Blog Installation:

Mojo Marketplace and word press Installation: Finally after payment has been done and package selected you will head over to WordPress installation under MOJO Marketplace.

You will access the window for one-click installation and since we are looking for WordPress we will go for the first option.

start a blog Bluehost

After clicking on WordPress you will be brought to the page below where you will click on “start” to get started with installation.

Depending on the speed of your internet it will take some time but should be done in within a few minutes.

start a blog Bluehost

Domain Section: During this process, if you have many domains on hosting you will be prompted to selected the domain where you want to install this blog. Here you will also be prompted if you are looking at installing this in a sub domain.

Username and Password setup: as a final stage you will have to enter the username and password that you will be used in accessing the backend of your blog.

Upon clicking install now you will receive an email confirmation with all the log in details to your blog.

After getting these detail you will in your email that mean you finally have your blog installed.

Thank you so much for following through till this far please you can now start taking action on the below link and you will also have free Domain name.