Online Business Tools for travellers

Internet marketing tools

In any business that you will be doing, there are tools that you need for better running of your business. This is the same when it comes to online business allow me to share with you some of the online business tools that you will need for your business success.

Doing online business there are many things that you will need because of nature of the business that you will be running. We are so much used to businesses that are stationed at a certain place but this is different. Here we are looking at businesses that are mobile, Why this is different because its location is online meaning it can be run from any place as long as you have access to online content that is related to your business. For this reason there some tools that you will need to access your online content at any place where there is an internet connection.

All these tools will depend on the online business that you are doing. There many businesses that you can do online but they will all require content distribution. Understanding the content that you are dealing with, will determine the tool that you need to have.

The content type that can be shared online are like audio, text, images or videos there are some that are dealing in all these content types this being the case you will need to have all these tools with you when travelling or at home. Sometimes when you are going for a short trip you can take a few tools depending on what you will be doing while away from your main working place.

To mention some of the tools that we will be looking at, we are looking at a computer, Hard Drive, Mouse, Microphone, camera and backpack. Now also please note, that when it comes to these tools you will have to make sure that you have there correct speck that you need for these tools so that there are no any issues.

Computer for Online business

computer for internet marketing tool

If you are looking for a computer that you need, there are many computers out there that you can select from. But all I can say is it not about you just going to buy any computer from the market but we will have to look at the specification to make sure that it will accommodate the work that we will be using it for. Now that is the case you will have to get more details about the requirement of the computer that will be inline with work that you will be doing. If you are just getting started I can even recommend an i5 computer it will be able accommodated you.

On this you will make perfect judgement especially to all that is will be doing video content as it needs a higher processor. For those that are looking at simple text content, most of the computers should suffice. Another point that comes and that many will ask, Between a Mac or Windows computer which one will better ?. It has been the question that many have been asking and are still not getting the better answer. It is all because we are looking at  getting something that will please us

A very simple answer to this question please get a computer that you will be comfortable using and that will not hinder or delay your work. We have many people running online businesses and they are using computers that they are used with. In getting your work done you will have to look at the tools that you are comfortable using.

Hard Drive

For all content storage and backup, you will have to use this. I understand that you have a computer but back up is very important so that you do not lose your content if by chance your computer gets corrupt. You might be thinking that this is not necessary but can easily understand if you ever lost data on your computer.

That being the major reason we will also have to look at better hard drives with a proven track record so that you are not left out. We have many brands on the market but personal preference is my passport and I have never hard any issue with them. If you are looking for something that will be better then this will do.


It might seem like something that is not very important to those that are used to the mouse pad on their laptops. But even after having the mouse pad on your laptop having a physical mouse make the work fast.

There is not much that I can say when it comes to this but all I can say you need a mouse for a comfortable working environment for all those that are not used to mouse pad do not feel ashamed, use what you are comfortable with.


camera for internet marketing

On any trip that you will be going for, there are some memories that you will have to carry with you and these will be captured on your phone but to be very professional you will have to get a camera.

Apart from memories of places you might also want to record some tutorials that you will be presenting to your followers or your students that is when the camera really comes to great use.


For all those that are into video recording and podcasting, they will agree with me that this is one of the most important tools. Using this tool you will be able to get the best possible voice recording that you need for any recording that you are doing. Having and making sure all that you are doing is done well there is need of having a better voice recording equipment. In having tools like these you will have perfect work done at the end with less editing which is what we are looking for.

Since we are looking at wide range of products that you can get in the market, allow me to share my personal recommendation.

On this recommendation, I am taking into consideration cost and simplicity when it comes to these tools that you are using while here.

My recommendation is the blue yet microphones they are very effective when it come to voice recording and are made of the best standard so far.


By you getting all these tools you are fully equipped to work from any place as you will be able to open your office at any time and at any place with this equipment.

Remember that even if you are looking for the online business that simple you still need these tools because you are not sure where you will be working from. Also by getting these, you will have the freedom that goes with the online business to all those that are interested in this without fail.

When looking at the online business we are looking at the freedom of working from any place as long as there is the internet connection and that can be made possible by being equipped with all these tools.

In closing allow me to say that it is not a must to have all these tools It will all depend on the important tool that you must have the budget that reconnects to them.

With all these tools in place, you will also have to get a better backpack for carrying all these.

Top 10 Internet marketing blogs in 2018

Getting a role model in anything that you are doing will be very very good because you would have gotten something to look to. There are many ways I can get a mentor that will be assisting you while you grow your Online affiliate marketing business.

That being said you will have many mentors that will come by, but all we will have to look at will be those that are in the same industry like you are. I will be sharing with you the internet marketing blogs that you can look to as your mentor or guide as you go on this year. I am listing all these blogs, not in a specific order but randomly but they’re all unique in certain ways and looking at content that is being shared on these blogs.

All these will be guides to you in many ways as you grow your online business, in making sure that you have all the information that you need to get equipped. All have shared online sites because the easily accessible and they are all free you not need to pay any fee to join these blogs so that you can read the content.

This will be better for you because you are just starting and I would not recommend you spend a lot of money on subscriptions.

Like I most fo time say what will change will be application of all the information that you will be getting from these Blogs

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

All that are working online are getting their income mostly from affiliate marketing.

For all those that are not aware of affiliate marketing, it is getting a commission for all sales that are generated through your affiliate link. There many affiliate product that you can promote out there like you will see on many of these blogs that I have listed here.

I am sharing all these blogs so that you can be motivated when it comes to online business. Remember a saying that says “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Meaning if there is any place that you will have to spend most of your time on, that will be affiliate marketing blogs. Because from these blogs you will have the information that you have been looking forward to hearing. Apart from that, you will also be motivated by looking at the success of others.

By hanging out on these blogs you will be getting many tips that you need for the growth of your affiliate marketing business to the highest extent. There are many online blogs that will be able to offer you all this information but you will have to look at which are beneficial and will be able to help you. For any new tips and offers when it comes to online business this will be the place for you.

Have all these bookmarked on your computer will not bring any better result when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You will have to take action so that you can see the results in this industry.

Smart Passive incomes

smart passive income Affiliate marketing blog

Learning something from those that are actually doing it will be a better experince for you.

If there is anyone that is sharing all the best possible information onlinewhen it comes to affiliate marketing, then you will not miss the name of Smart Passive Income. The man behind this blog is Paty Flynn since day one.

He started his first blog which was in the his field of study, after making it possible on his first blog he started sharing all the information with regards to affiliate marketing. He started it as the point of training others in the field of affiliate marketing.

Something that is more interesting on his blog and famous for all those that are going to this is the monthly income reports that he shares on his blog. All these reports are well detailed and share the best information that is more detailed and encouraging.

Apart from affiliate a marketing there also some products that he has created and books that he has written Like Power Up Podcasting, Smart From Scratch and Will It Fly (Book)


Making Sense of Cents

making sense of cent affiliate marketing blogs

Looking at affiliate marketing you will also have to look at making sense of cents as a blog that has most of the information and motivation that you need in this industry.

After looking at smart passive income the second blog that you will have to look at is Making Sense of Cents. It is an affiliate blog that also easy to understand affiliate training that you need. On this blog, you will have access to its income statement that is shared at the end of every month like it is for smart Passive income and other bloggers.

On all these income statements you will get the information on what is working or not be working by looking at the income generated from various affiliate offers. By understanding, this many have managed to into the right affiliate offers that they can promote to their followers.


Blogging Cage

Blogging Cage affiliate marketing blogThis is a blog that has been started by someone like you and me who are looking at something that they will be able to do Online.On his blog, he talks about his online business journey documenting all the major things that he has been doing.

The first blog that he started working on them from the beginning was under his Kulwant Nagi While working on this blog which mostly into MLM he saw a need for Blogging because many people were asking him when it comes to blogging. After getting many enquiries with regards to blogging, he decided to start a blog that will focus on blogging.

While looking at whether to start a separate blog or use the same one he decided to start a new blog that will be based on blogging the only and that was the birth of Blogging Cage. If you are looking around for more blogging tips then you will get them here because of his unique style of writing and sharing of case studies you will have the information that you need well packaged.

Cloud Living

Cloud Living affiliate marketing

In these time we have many people that are looking a getting off their 9 to 5 Jobs out there. This comes so much inline when you are looking at this, as he is one of these that you will be able to guide you through this journey.

All those that have been able to follow along on this blog and join the training that is being offered here have gotten the results than expected in making sure they are out of their 9 to 5.

It is more on blogging and affiliate marketing like the other blogs.

Search engine optimization blogs

Website when they started, in the beginning, they were created by those that were well versed when it comes to coding and understanding on the HTML language.

Apart from getting the perfect coding for the may website, there was still a very important part that was to be done. This getting perfect search engine optimization for the website so that you can have a better ranking for certain keywords that you are targeting.

If you getter a better SEO for your blog you here Guaranteed better ranking for that keyword. Anyone searching for that keyword you will come out on the first page of search engine which guaranteed you traffic if you are number one.

Neil Patel

neil patel affiliate marketing Blog

When it comes to SEO you will not speak about it without making mention of Neil Patel. He had worked with many big brands and worked on many of his own sites that have been a great success.

When you talk about Uber Suggest it is also one of his products. Till now, it has been a great tool when it comes to keyword research all Those that are using this will agree with me on the same point that it has been a great tool.

Taking into consideration that the creator SEO guru, you definitely expect to get the best from the tools that are being created and shared by him to the general public.

There is a lot of information that is being shared by him when it comes to SEO so it is not a place to miss for all those that are using SEO traffic to their blogs or websites.


Backlinko affiliate marketing blog

Brian Dean is the man behind this blog. He also one of the famous SEO advocators which are also displayed in the posts that he has on his blog. They are very long posts that offer in-depth information. Because of the information, that is shared in his post they also have many comments coming over to this blog.

All the information that is being shared on this blog, is something that will be very helpful. All this is due to the experience that he has shown in this industry.

Being an expert in this field, will you require you to get the information when it comes to SEO then this will be another place to visit.


Viperchill affiliate marketing blogs

Looking for well and detailed reports on SEO then you have no any better place like Viperchill. He offers some of the most detailed reports when it comes to SEO for various website analyzing anything that is making these sites rank on the search engine.

He had done this for a long time to such an extent that he had to start another site called for more detailed case studies. For many testing, when comes to SEO and anything when it comes to affiliate marketing these you will have that content here.

Since starting at a very young age he has managed to manage many big websites from their social media campaigns to SEO.

Smart blogger

smart Blogger affiliate marketing Blog

This is another the SEO guru that you will not leave out without any mention. there many tips that you will be able to learn from this blog when it comes to Search engine optimization

There are many SEO bloggers that you will have to look to and this is one that will help you out. Once on this blog, you will have many long posts that will show you around the details SEO working that you need.

SEO Stream

Seo Stream affiliate marketing

As the name suggests this is the blog of one SEO guru that has been working for the SEP firm but finally decided to dive into something of his own.

This finally brought this brought him to creating this blog so that he can be of great help to all that are just starting and looking at getting everything done in the best possible way.

Rank Xl

rank Xl affiliate marketing

Getting a better and perfect randing is something that we all have to look at when it comes to getting any website to page one.

If you have no any ranking for your website you will not be able to get any traffic to you only those that have better ranking will get more traffic.

Why we are looking at traffic as something is very important it is all because with this you will be able to get some that will convert to sales and hence generating an income.

In conclusion, allow me to say that all these blogs that I have listed are something that will be able to give you a boost in online business career.

Please don’t forget that this will only happen after you have taken action by implementing all that is being shared on these blogs.

Many have read these blog bog and note take action because of that they have not seen any results.

How to fight Procrastination


Many are getting started with online business for various reasons. But there are many that are stuck till now because of procrastination.

Some of us had started because we were looking for a way to which we can have the better life by making a lot of money. Others were looking at doing something will give them freedom by having more extra time to do various things. This will include also having enough time to spend with your families so that they are happy.

All this was due to that we have not been able to get from our 5 to 6 jobs that we have done. Though opting for this in beginning has not been that easy as many might think because there are many things that you have to put in place when starting the business. I know some of you might not look at working online like a business, but I am here to tell you that this is hundred percent business.

Now that it is business there certain levels of discipline that you will have to adhere to in order for you to make it in what you will be doing online. Once you have adhered to this you will have all these successes that you have looked forward to that.

Till this far I know others will be thinking is this going to be possible that is the situation that we have at hand now. Why we are using ourselves this question it is all because when it comes to maintaining certain discipline level had been a challenge. It has been like this even when we were doing the 9 to 5 Jobs that we have looked up to.

One of the major disciplines that we will have to adhere to will stop procrastination. If there is anything that is a major challenged for many of us then that will be procrastination and this has delayed us in doing some of the things that we were supposed to do. It not only in our professional world but even family one. I can assure you that, you are who are today considering the level of the procrastination that you have when managing things.

There lower your procrastination the better it is for you. All those that are doing better in any business it all because they had looked at anything to be done within a certain time and It was done within that time.

We have spoken much about procrastination let us now look at the step that will help us to make sure there is no nay procrastination in anything that we will be doing:

Have daily action plan

By getting a daily action plan you will have all your tasks of the day listed down. At the end of the day, you will have crossed out all tasks that have been completed. Apart from this, you will have to make sure all you have listed have been crossed out so that you are sure everything has been cleared.

This will act as your daily plan for what you will be doing on that day and it also helps in making sure that you are organised. Apart from being organised, there will be nothing that will be left out unattended.

You can have all these tasks listed in your text file or can use a hard copy notebook. I personally use a hard copy note and find it very effective in managing my daily tasks

Molesking Notebook
Create very task with deadline

All tasks that you will be looking at completing will have to prepare in a better way so that we are in debt of completing all these.

In making sure that all there are prepared in a better way you will have to make sure that all tasks have a deadline attached to them. By so doing you will make sure that all the tasks that you were working on have all been actioned within the planned time.

If you have tried having tasks listed down but without deadlines, you will agree with me that you failed to fulfil these in expected time as expected. You can finally have all these eliminated after getting the deadline attached to each of these actions.

Find your effective working times

Working times are not the same for all of us.

Yes, you are asking yourself what I mean by this? any way to make easy I am looking at the timings when you are more active. There are some that are more active in the morning while others are more active in the afternoon, we also have others that are more active at Night while others are more active during the day.

I understand that most of us have fixed working times, especially those that are working a 9 to 5 Job. Even those that have just graduated from this not long ago are still following the same schedule thinking that these are correct times that they can work from

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to look at how you will be able to overcome procrastination. Apart from you just reading this information allow me to emphasize this very boldly.

For you to get ready for this man make sure that you are not affected again you will have to take action by following all these steps mentioned here. In making sure that you are not so much burdened and think this will not be possible that is why I have made this to have few steps only.

Looking forward to your questions or any other information that you need share on this possible I believe among the reader there are many that are not looking for this solution but would like to encourage others on the same.

Perfect landing pages unvailed

Landing pages, are something that you will need in any business that you will be running online

After you have gotten a website or blog you will also have to look at creating a landing page. Landing pages are sites page on the website where you visitor will come to first before accessing anything that you will be offering on your page.

Getting a landing page in place will have many benefits to you when it comes to your online business career. Using the landing page you will be able to get an email address from all those that will be sharing the same with you after they have entered their email address.

These emails you will be collecting from here will be an asset to you, because there many that will be coming over to your page as many time as possible.

Knowing the importance of the landing page I would like to make it clear to you that landing pages as also supposed to be professionally done.

Landing Page Example

You will be looking for landing page example that you can copy from. It is also helpful to all that are getting started and looking at seeing how landing pages look like so that they can imitate the same.

I do not blame or say that you are lazy as I also had the same experience in getting the clear understanding of landing pages. If you will go out online and look for Landing page samples you might not get many online and they are different each other.

Being different does not mean that some are not landing pages instead they are all landing pages except that there are different offers that are being offered. Meaning all landing pages are designed according to the interest and test of one that is creating it.

if you are still looking at landing page Examples here below are landing page examples that you can look at taking into consideration of all difference that is there. Looking at these images will give you a creative idea as you create yours for any offer that you will be promoting online.
backlinko landing pages

Landing Page Website

Now you will be looking at how you can create a landing page, there are various ways through which you can create landing pages.

There are some that will create landing page directly from their websites. You will only be able to do this if you are very good with website design and know some HTML or any website coding.

Knowing that coding is something that is a challenge for many that are just getting started there is now a solution. It has been a challenge for many people that are getting started with blogging or website and are looking at creating a landing page for their products.

The solution that we are going to look is something that is of great help to many that are online right now. Through this many have managed to create landing pages with no any hassle at all and I am looking at making sure that you have something that will make it easy for you.

There are many landing page builder that you can get on the market, but I will be sharing the one that is so effective and that I have used. We are not just looking at being effective but also getting better results.

Many are the reasons as to why this is an option to go for that are getting started and looking for something to start from.

When looking at tool landing page website creator tools they are in two categories that are Hosted ones and self-hosted

Landing Page vs Homepage

Many will also be looking for the better understanding of what is the difference between the landing page and home pages.

A better understanding this will give you a clear picture of what you will be doing and avoid any errors. That being said Lallow me to explain a bit on what is meaning of these two so that we are all on the same page. Landing pages will always have a call to action on what the creator is asking you to do while on this page while home will not have any call to action but the content and links only that you will need.

Home pages are always required when you are creating a website site and they are the first page that you will come to when getting to any website. For the landing pages you will have to enter your email address and only then will you be directed to the home page of the selling site or the site that will be giving you an offer.

Till this far you will have gotten the full information that you need when It comes to the landing pages that you have offered.

Landing Page Generator

Some of us here will be looking at tools that you can use to generate landing pages without any issues at all. You are looking for this not because you are lazy but because as a marketer we are looking at saving time so that you can do other constructive things instead of struggling with landing pages.

For that reason, there were few landing page generator tools that you can use for generating these page for your offers. here are some of the tool that you can use. These vary from tool to tool there are some that are self-hosted while others are just plugin that you can use on your website;

Thrive landing pages:

Thrive pages landing page

Instapage landing pages:

Instapages landing pages

Leadpage landing pages:

Lead pages landing pages

Autoresponder landing pages:

Getresponse landing pages

There is more detail to these tool on these welcome page that is accessible by clicking the links on images above.

Landing Page WordPress

If you are using WordPress as your website platform, then you will be looking for landing page tool that will be compatible with WordPress.

There are many tools that you can use for creating landing pages on your website or blog. among the tool that I have mentioned above thrive and Instagapes will be the to go fo the tool because they are just plugins that have been created for WordPress.

Now that you have gotten these tools and installed them on your blog you will be able to create all these landing pages in no time at all.

Should you still have any questions after reading this post please feel free to contact me through the contact section here on this page and I will get back to you.

Cpa marketing Ultimate Guide

Online there are many opportunities that you can get an income from, among all these, you can not leave out Cpa marketing.

This is one of the opportunities that you will have to consider if you are looking at getting started with online incomes. For a better understanding of this opportunity, we will have to look at it in detail by getting all the information when it comes to Cpa Marketing.

After getting all this information, you will then be good to go and get started on the right track.

What is CPA marketing

What is Cpa marketing ? will be the question in the mind of many that have started reading this post. For anything that you reading there is always need to know what is that before going any further and in making sure that we are all on the same page.

CpaStands for “Cost Per Action/Aquisition“. Meaning that the cost will only be there is there is an action, should there be no nay action there will not be any cost that will be incurred.

In practical explanation, this is the type of affiliate marketing were affiliates will be compensated by advertisers after a certain action has been accomplished. This is a major difference when compared to other affiliate systems where you are compensated after a sale has been done. you will get many different actions that you can be compensated through like; email submission, Zip code submission, Phone number submission, credit card details submissions etc.

CPA marketing for beginners

If you are just getting started with Cpa marketing you will be looking at getting started, that’s how can I get started as a Cpa Marketer.

Allow me to share with you the step by step on how you can get started with Cpa marketing for all that are looking at doing in now. There are few steps that you will have to follow to make sure that you get started like;

– Cpa Networks registration
– Selection of Products to promote
– Landing page creation

Cpa networks registration: this will you be your very first step, to register with a certain Cpa network that you can work with. Since there are many Cpa networks that you can register with, my suggestion for the start you can register with  Peerfly or Maxbouty. There are all simple to register with but you will need a professional email address like Meaning you will have to use a domain name related email address.

Some do not allow the use of free email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. If you are using any of these you will have to get professional which can be done through Bluehost.

Apart from the professional email, you all also have to complete an application form where you will share all the required details as possible. Remember all applications here are reviewed by Human, so you need to make sure all your details are well presented.

During the application, the major question that you will have to be very careful while answering is how you get traffic?

My advice for answering this question, I use paid traffic or PPC as it is called. After the application has been submitted to speed up the process pick the phone and call the number having you affiliate ID ready. On this call, you will be taken through a phone interview where you will be asked few questions if all well your application will be approved.

Once approved you will have access to all products that they offer.

Selection of product to promote: being many products listed there it might be very difficult getting the right product to get started with. Being there I will recommend you two steps that will make it very easy for you when it comes to product selection.

The first method will be through your affiliate manager. After getting confirmation, you will be assigned an affiliate manager that will be managing your account and assisting you with any information or advice you need. you can ask him/Her what product are performing better so that you promote those as well.

Here we are also looking at means of promotion also as the different product have different ways that they want traffic to be generated by them. Through this method, you will get the first-hand information of all offers that are doing very fine that you can also promote and get conversions.

The second method will be you going to network and looking at offers that have a high conversion rate in using the filters. It will be very easy if you understand this so well but the first method is still better than this if you are just beginner.

After getting offers with a very high conversion rate, you can then design campaign in those lines so as to start promoting. Even if you have a blog that is in the certain niche and you are looking for an offer that will be in that niche you will still have filter niche related offers that have a high conversion rate.

Landing page creation: since we will be using paid traffic, you will need a landing page that will there lead to the offer page. Why we are doing this it is all because most of the websites do not allow affiliate links.

Long gone are the days when we used to share CPA links that easily. But this has since been banned on most of the websites. That being said we will have to make sure that we have landing pages created so that we are not banned and end up losing commissions.

Creating landing pages can be very challenging but we are are going to look at some of the landing page created sit that you can use. Using these sites you will have professional landing pages done in short period of time.

The most used landing page creator that had been used is lead pages but apart from them you can also use Thrive landing pages and instapages which are very compatible with WordPress. Should you need more training on how to use these for creating landing pages, there are many videos to guide you through on Youtube.

CPA marketing tools

In closing let us look at some of the must-have CPA marketing tools that will help you need for the effective CPA marketing that will give you results. Depending on how you will be promoting these offers you will have to get the must-have tools for effective results.

– Webhosting
– Landing page Creator
– Autoresponder

All these above listed are the must-have tools that you need to see better results when it comes to Cap marketing.

Thank you so much for taking your time to follow me through this content till now should you have any question you contact me in the comments section below.