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How to Selling your own product online with Shopify

There are many ways that you can make money online.

Among some of these way that you can make money online will be selling your very own product. Here you will get many online companies that are doing this and are really trending when it comes online selling. You will also be looking at selling your own product online.

Even after knowing that you can sell you product online you will be asking yourself as to how you will be able to do this online.

This has been challenging question for many that they are thinking this can be done by special type of people that have special skills, which is not the case.

By just selling online you have many benefit that will really help you in your online business journey. The list of benefits will be long but allow me to share some of these few that you will have to take into consideration so that you are equipped and understand what you will be getting yourself in.

  • Most of the online transaction are on cash basis and this will Eliminate issue of you have to wait for the money after selling services. Due to this you can also use this money to boost your business and avoid any cash flow issues that many offline companies are facing.
  • By just getting started to selling online it mean your shop will be open 24 hours, meaning while you are sleeping there will be many people that will be Visiting your shop and buying goods or services that you are selling.
  • You will also have access to wide audience because all will be able to get access to your shop despite where they are in this world. No matter how remote the location might be you will still be able to access them as long as they have access to internet and they are looking for things that you are selling on your site.
  • There will also be less work for you because all payment will be collected automatically till banking and all you will have to do on your end will be your packaging products and sending them after getting an alert. You can also sending be automated if you are selling software product which is what is being done by Microsoft hence making Bill gates one of the richest man in the world because he is selling his products online and they are auto delivered while he is still sleeping.

This list will be going on and on if we are to look at selling your own product online in detail.

Now that you have the benefits with regards to selling online you will be looking at how you will be able  to get started selling your own products online and putting everything in place.

In the past there where many complication that you had to take care so that you can get started selling your own products online. Due to all these complication many never even dared because it was too complicated. Understanding that complication that many where facing there has been development of many platforms through which you will be able to sell your own product online.

They have also been developed with certain level of simplicity and user friendliness.

When it comes online selling you will have to put a few things in place and that is:

  • Domain Name: this will be name of your you shop
  • Webhosting: where you will be hosting your shop so that it can be displayed online. All the files and image that you will be displaying of your product will be stored here so that they can be viewed online.
  • Payment getaway: Through which you will be able to collect payment for all those that are coming over to your shop to buy.

Yes, it now it looks like it is really complicated again but there is a solution that has simplified all this in the best possible way. Using this tool many these days are using it to start their online shop without any issues and that is the tool that we will be looking at today so that you can get started as soon as possible.


Getting to the final point which is revealing the software you will be able to sell your own product online with.  There is no any other site but Shopify. It is an online platform that you can host and can create your very own online shop with. It had been made easy such that  using this you can start selling your own product online in a few minutes without any issues or complications at all that we have been facing in past at all. Using them you will also be able to manage your payment system for payment collection.


After getting to this point you are finally there and can get started selling your own product online that you have in store.

If you are looking  what will sell online it everything that you see around you sell online from food  to clothes you can sell anything.