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Making money online

This something that you might have heard or read about while browsing online that “make money online from home”. Even after reading that there many of you that said no! This cannot be possible and can never happen but you have to work for you to make money.


When you are talking about working you are also looking at the brick and mortar type of working.

I am not here to say that this type making money by working is not right but all I can say to you is that there are also other ways that you can make money as well.


These are also the methods that we have also neglected say that they do not work. By so doing we have allowed only a few out there that re using technology and really making money online.

If you are still not sure that this really does I will encourage to take some time  and go the Forbes list of millionaires or billionaire you will be surprised by what you will find out. The fact will be many of those that are on list are those that are making money using technology.


Yes you are still asking like “what are you talking about?” the right answer is you are right the likes of Bill Gates the Microsoft owner the one on the top of the list for long time he is making it using technology. Jeef Bezos the amazon owner, Mark Zukerberg Facebook owner and many more that are there on this list using them as an example you will be able to know the strength that comes with technology. On this list it’s not them alone but there is also likes of Safra Ada Catz, Susan Diane Wojcicki, Naveen Selvadurai and many more that are making it taking advantage of online tools that are able to simplify the life that we are leaving in.

All this will be possible to you by looking at some that you will be able to offer to the people that surround you. It might be information or something that will offer logistic solution this will be something like uber offering transportation solution,  from the comfort of your home, Facebook networking with friends from everywhere and the list will go on.

The easiest thing that you can start with online will be offering information because there many of us that go online looking for information. If you can reach a point where you will be offering this information that many are looking for you will finally be able to generate income by selling it or through companies that will be advertising with you. This is the same concept that is being use by the print newspaper companies and is what has made them stand for long time till now.

I am not asking that you start a newspaper online but I looking at you offering information that some people will be interested in and that will be in certain niche market.