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For all that have been  following along  on this teaching then by now you will have a domain name fully registered so that we can get started with other steps following after that.

If you are one of these that are taking action I would like to say welcome to this other step that you will have to take us we continue so that we can all be on the same page and moving together. But for all those that have just come up together Like I always advise all those that are coming to this blog for the first time to first have a look at other articles. This will help in making sure that we are all on the same page and there is no one that will be left out by the end.

Getting to the matter of today’s topic we will be looking at blog hosting. Here I will be sharing the steps on how you can host your blog and companies that you can host with. I know there are many questions that you might have heard about but I will be looking at those companies that I have used and I feel comfortable to recommend as well.

Now that you have a domain name it is about time that you had the hosting where you will be hosting your blog and have your domain pointing to as well. This is the step that will be taking your blog online so that all those that will type in the domain name online they will get to your blog and have something to see while there.

You will also be having many questions that you will need answers to as well like:

What is the price of hosting ?

Do I need tech skills to be able to do this ?

How I am I going to manage this after I have had it hosted ?

It is endless such that many will  still have many questions even after getting these details that will be having these .

Now, about time on how you can have this done in a perfect and professional way so that we are fully equipped by the end without having any tech skills.

Step 1:

We will have to select the hosting company that we will be working with and that will host our blog for long time. Even after many companies being there in industry we will be using the Bluehost for today . It is all because they are user friendly and their best support  that is always there to make sure that you are helped.

Open the website that is bluehost.com, on which there will be three package but since we are just starting we will go for the basic package as per the below. After selecting this package we will then go to the other step.



Step 2

At that stage if you have have a domain name then you will have to enter it here But I would encourage  you to take advantage of the free domain that is being provided by Bluehost.


Step 3

After entering the domain name that you need to you in your blogging career. You will e directed to this page where you will enter your details and payment as well so that we can continue with package purchase and get hosting confirmation.

There  are many payment options that you will have to look at while on this page. That payment options that you will have to selected which is better.


Till this time you will have gotten the confirmation with regards to the package that you have bought. Till next time we will have a look at installation of wordpress blog.