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Free Vs Hosted blogging

Blogging can be mistry to many that are about to get started. When you are just about to get started there will be many things that you will be looking at like what kind of the blog should I start hosted blogging or free blogging.

It has been challenging that many are looking at what will be the right way to get started in blogging because they are not sure whether the hosted or free blog or hosted what will be better. To make this very clear to all those that are in the same boats.  I will be sharing the best of the right blogging platform that you can use and its benefits.

In short the right blogging way to follow is hosted blog and there are some of reasons as to why this better.

Effective SEO

Hosted blogging

 For all the hosted blog you will be able to get the best effective SEO for that blog using plug ins that you can install and set up that will really help. Using these plugins you will have the opportunity that you would not experience if you are using free blog platforms like blogspot and wordpress which are the famous free platforms. It will also be very easy to really rank using these plugins online after they have been setup so well.

Beautiful design;

If anyone will be coming over to your blog there will be some that will come because of the beauty that is there. Due to the best design of themes that are being developed when it comes to the hosted blog you will definitely get the best and attractive themes. Just to clear this I will use a simple illustration that all of us out there we are always looking at something that is really nice and we associate ourselves with things like these. For that reason you will be looking for something that is pleasing to the eye even online and you get these themes using hosted blogs.

Professional look;

Here we will be looking at the domain name that you will get is you have a hosted blog. Most of the free blogs you will have domain name like WordPress or blogspot these are not professional looking names that you will love to see or easily remember. Since you are using the hosted blog it will be your very intention to have a professional blog that will have all requirement of the professional blog. Apart from domain name you will have better looking and more professional looking blog because of the settings that you will have laid out on this blog.

Fully under your control;

for those that are using the free blog they will agree with me that it is not hundred percent under their control. If you have free blog and are not sure about then please learn something today because using a free blog if people report you as scam or spam your blog will be shut down without any notice. Apart from this you will be restricted to the links that you can add to your blog which is different compared to the hosted blog where you have full rights and can add as many links as you possibly can without any issues at all.

Finally after getting to this point you will have the made the right best decision to making the right decision on the blog type you will be going for.

Just making it short and to the point I will recommend that you go with the hosted blog and that will be the right direction that you will be following in your blogging career so that you do not regret.

Thank you so much for taking you time to read this, should you have any question I will be looking forward to meeting you in the comments section below.