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Step 1: How to start a blog?

We are many that have been looking around for the answer this question. You also are here because you are looking for the answer to this very question, how to start a blog?

I would like to say, congratulation! Because this will finally be fully reviewed to you today so that you can even get started without any barriers. It is not really a very long route but is something you will be able to do in within 20 minutes. But for more detailed and well laid out lesson I have decided to have this broken down into seven steps that you can follow and have perfect results.


I have done it like this so that you are not rushed up but have all steps in detail and we are all going at the same pace. When looking at how to start a blog there are steps that we will be looking at and that we will have to fulfill. Once we cover all these steps and take action then we will have a professional blog at the end that you would have created.

If you are looking at something that you have been expecting to happen I can assure that it will not happen till have taken action will you see it taking shape.

Despite of anything that you have heard, I am here to assure you that blogging can be broken down into 7 simple steps. Using these steps many have started their own  their own blogs without any tech skills.

Here are these steps that we will be looking at in these series so that we have a general understanding and are ready to go on:

  1. How to start a blog.
  2. Domain Registration and webhosting.
  3. WordPress and Plug in installation
  4. Blog and Plug in setup
  5. Article posting
  6. Blog Traffic
  7. Blog optimization

We are now looking at number one that was just for you to have a picture on some of the things that we will be looking at. If you are very new to these things do not feel left out like you will not make it because this will be simplified to the understanding of even beginner so that we can be on the same page. There will not be anyone that will be left out but we will all be on the same page

Since we will be going together there is only one thing that I would like to ask from you that are reading and looking forward to having their own blog from this lesson.

All I need is your seriousness as we continue so that we are on the same page and there is no one left out. Also should you have any question please feel free to have it posted here so that even others can learn from your questions and answers that will be coming along with those questions. Even after doing all this your consistence will be greatly appreciated in taking action on all those thing that we will be discussing about.

Remember I am doing all this because I believe you are able to create your great blogs and all I will be doing will be guiding you in your blogging career so that you are on correct track. You all have not started till now, not because you are dull but all because there was no one that would guide you in this Journey.

Welcome on board and looking forward to having you in section two of this journey.