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Part 2: How to start a blog Domain Registration and webhosting

I appreciate your interest to follow this till this far. We are actually in next on step number two that we are going to be looking at domain registration and webhosting. These are very essential things that you need in making sure that you blog is online. If this is not well structure there will not be any possibility of having your blog being visible online. Here is where all we are looking for that is with regards start a blog.

I will appreciate your full concentration as we look at this to in detail so that by the end of this article you will have your domain and webhosting done. We have many domain registration companies out there as well webhosting. But today I am here to make sure that you have this lesson in the best possible way that will make you feel comfortable and as something that you will be able to do.

For this reason I will be sharing steps that will really make this very enjoyable for you without any complications but all in all you will have the best blog in place hosted by one of the best companies. That being said we will be using hosting company called Bluehost.

Why are we using them it is all because of the offer that they able to give when it comes hosting with them and the major one being a free domain name and you will also betting $200 worth of advertising credit. While using them for webhosting you will get your domain name registered with them for free meaning you will only be paying for hosting.

We also have many blogger that are using them and I am also using them till now. After taking this it time that we got started in an illustration way that will make it easy for many to understand.

Open Blue host website:

We will open the website Bluehost.com, after getting to the website we will click on the getting started button that will lead us to where we will be selecting package that we want to go for.

start a Blog with bluehost

Select a package:

There are three main package but we will go with the basic one which allows us to host one blog or website and that will be enough for you. Should you need to have many website hosted then you will have to go for the higher packages.



While on this package click on “Select” button under basic package


With basic package we will have all resources that you need online to finally have your blog online.

Domain Registration:


Here you will be looking at page where you will have enter your domain. There are two option here but we will go for new domain name. Domain name this is the name that will typed on the web in order to access your blog. It will be something like this www.smartonlineincomes.com this might be anything your store name or anything. If you are looking at getting more details on how you will be able to select a correct domain name there are lessons that I have shared on this very blog on how you can do that.

When you have entered domain name then you will click on “next” to processed.


Account information:


Here you will have to enter all details that are required. It will be like registering the ownership of that domain meaning all those that would like to know who owns this domain they will be lead to your details.

Package information:

These will be details of the package that you are going for on this website. We will be looking at the payment plan for account here as that is major one the longer the period the cheaper it is and vice versa. For all other options offered you can just tick them off now if your budget does not allow as they are not really necessary.



Looking at the amount there, for three years it will be $3.95 per month meaning this will be your investment that you will be spending per month as you test drive this. Looking at actual business concept this really cheap when compared to renting a shop in offline business.

I short I can say that this is enough for buying a burger per day but it will be your monthly investment.

Payment information:

Finally you will have to enter your payment details, agree to terms and click on submit. As confirmation that you payment has gone through you will get a hosting and payment confirmation.


On this email you will have log in details that you need for your control panel. Keep that tight as we will be using in our next lesson.

Congratulation you finally all the domain name and hosting setup for your blog.

In the next Lesson we will be looking at WordPress blog installation.