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part 3: Start a Blog WordPress and Plug in installation

To all that have been with me since the start of these Tutorials I would like to say congratulation once more. I understands that we have not covered a lot of things but just following till this far that also deserves the praise on its own. That is only one of these things but I would also like to emphasize that action is really important. If there is no any action after reading this it will not be of any help to you.

I am not really forcing that you have to do this but I find it better if all those that are following are also action takers. By taking action after reading these tutorials we will find that by final step seventh steps we will all be there and having our own blogs. Doing will also add a sense of encouragement to all that are following along in making sure that you have taken these point are taken in to consideration.

Without taking much of your time allow me to continue to this section where we will be looking at blog and plugin installation. In the past there was a lot of coding that was required when it comes to blog set but in current day’s there are many platforms that you can use for blogging and website creation. Among all these platforms there is one that has really gained popularity that we also use effectively and that is WordPress.  There has been great popularity with this because of the features that come with it like it is user friendly and many plugin that you can use on it for various purpose without going through detailed coding.

Due to all this it has really made it possible for all that are getting started online to still create blog despite not having any technical or programming skills. In within a few minutes we will have our own blog online but it will not only have any content which we will have to add later.

Log in your Cpanel

Using log in details that you have received on email that came from Bluehost you will have user name and password. These are very important credentials that you will have to keep safely because with these anyone one can sign into account and hack your blog. To make sure that you can easily remember your password you will have to change it to something that you can remember but that others also will not be able to remember that easily.

Installation of WordPress:

Once on the control panel get to website section here and select on “install wordpress”. After this you will be required to select domain name where the blog will have to be installed and they will be domain name that you had registered. Since you have a package of one domain then you will have only one domain to select from drop down menu. In addition to domain selection you will also have to enter log in credentials that you will be using to sign in to the admin end of the blog if you are posting anything there.


Step 1:

while under C panel go to website and select ” install wordpress” as per the below screen.get_installation


Step: 2

you will then be directed to the page as per below where you will only have to click on next so that you can continue.


Step: 3

After selection domain name from this window you will have to click on next that will lead you to the installation window. On this window will also be required to enter what will be your admin panel log in details that you require. Upon completion of these steps you will have a confirmation in your email with admin panel details and you will have to keep these detail very safe as they are very important.


Final step on this section will be to install there the WordPress blog which will be through the install button that you have here. This should take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

As a confirmation on this installation that it is successful you will have a confirmation message on the window and you will also get an email with credentials for admin panel.

Plug in Installation:

We have many plugins that we have on the market and there are many new being introduced every day. Today we will only at those that are really necessary. These will be plugins that are really required from day one of your blogging career. By using all these plug in in place you will have batter blog that will also be search engine friendly. Here are all these must have blog plug in that you need for better performance of your blog and you can get these from the blog post that I have on this blog here.

Now we know all these plug in we will look at installation of these plugin. First step will be by you accessing your admin panel where you will find all options that are required to access these option for installation. Once on the dashboard you will have go directly to plugin section of menu so and select on new



You will then be lead to where you will be able to select all these required plug and you can so this by doing a search on the top one that you have all these plugins that you need for your blog.


After searching oft the plug in you will then have to click on install so that you  can have it installed on your blog. For those that might have plugins on their computer you can also just upload them by going to upload options. This is more when it comes to plugs that you have to pay for as you will not them from any free database.

By doing installation it does not mean that you are done because there is another step of activating and doing  some setting for the same. We will look at this in detail on nest lesson as we do setting for all these so that they are fully functional.

Till this you have blog that will have all these details that you need all you will have to do now is start adding details to it like articles, videos and Images.




Top 6 Bloggers Must follow in 2017

If you are just getting started with blogging then you will have to look at some other bloggers so that you can get motivation as you continue in your blogging career.

Blogging is something that has really gotten popularity in the recent years, and there are many that are doing this online. Apart from blogging for fun it has now resulted into income generating endeavor for many that are running their blogs till date. To all those that had started long time ago they have even stopped working in many offices and only concentrate on blogging.

Knowing all this I will be sharing top bloggers that will be a role model to you so that you can get the motivation that is required. I understand motivation is something that we all need when it comes to doing anything. And that is why I am sharing this list with you.

I know many will say that it is not possible to have a full time income from blogging but with these details you will definitely be motivated to keep on blogging.

All these blogs are in different niches but despite the difference in the niches all these have been able to get an income that they can use and has guaranteed them the freedom that they need in life.

All these have not been listed in a certain order but all at random since that are all for same purpose, and that is show you as an example:


Bloggers smart online Incomes

This is this blog that you are looking and reading this article from. I have kept this as first on the list not because it is very important than other but all because from here you will be learning more and training when it comes to blogging. All tips that I share here are from personal experience and can be used by all that are just getting started.

this is this blog that you are looking and reading this article from. I have kept this as first on the list not because it is very important than other but all because from here you will be learning more and training when it comes to blogging. All tips that I share here are from personal experience and can be used by all that are just getting started.

You also have full access to contact me should you have any question when it comes to blogging.


bloggers - Blogging cage

This is another blogging blog that has been there for a long time now that it has full details when it comes to blogging. This was started by someone that had passion in blogging so at to assist others that are just getting started.



It has been a role model blog for many because of the personal touch that is there with regards to the article that are shared on this blog. It had also gotten popularity due to the incomes statement that are being published on this blog on monthly basis. Apart from article blogging he has also extended to podcasting. This also resulted into him coming up with his own podcasting software.


bloggers viperchill

Are you looking for a blog that will give your more information on SEO?

Are your looking for a blog with detailed case studies? If you have some question like the above then here you will be learning in details when it comes blogging due to the case studies that he also share on his blog.


bloggers - shout_me_loud

Here you will be getting all the affiliate marketing blogging tips that you require to when it comes to blogging for income. He also started his blog as something he can do on part time but as time went by and incomes started increasing he developed it into a full-time business. To this date apart from just blogging he is also string other on the internet marketing.


bloggers pro_blogger

This is among the blogs that have been there from the very beginning of professional blogging. It was an archive when it comes to blogging, even with the rise of other bloggers you can still go there for reference and get more details when it comes to blogging.

There is really no definite end to the blogging list of all top bloggers that we can look to. I have shared this list of all those that I can recommend those that are really a motivation to me so that you also get the feel when it comes to blogging.

All I have shared this so that all those that were about to give up thinking that this does not work can get encouraged and keep on with speed and energy.

For you to really enjoy blogging you will have to do it as an interest that you can follow and go by.


3 steps to Starting a successful blog

Starting a successful blog

Wow! Welcome to another great moment where we will be sharing tips that will equip you in starting a successful blog. There are many things that you need to share online with your friend and all those that are sharing  same information with you, will have to get the information that that you have offered them. We have many ways that we can share information as Human beings, but the current and trending way that you can use sharing all this great information will be through blogging.

Blogging is something that many are looking at to share the information and this is  because it is online and there is guarantee of wide reach for information that you will be sharing. Even after knowing many things and thinking about starting a successful blog we always get worried.

I can sure you that you are not the only one but there are many that are facing the same dilemma like you.

It is all because we are looking at getting something that will be looking very professional so that we can be successful from day one. With this mindset many have not yet started because they are looking at getting a very professional blog from the beginning.

Taking all this into consideration I will be share with you some top three tips that will help you at starting a successful blog. It might sound like it is something that is very difficult all because you did not have any one to guide you in this. You might have also been guide but not by hand and that is what you wanted, which I will be sharing with you as your guide so that you can get started.

Give you blog a professional look:

In any business it is not all about just getting started but being organised from day one so that you have the right audience from day one. This will be possible by making sure that you have professional theme for your blog. What we are doing here is having all right tools in places for the word start. By so doing all those that had come to our site by mistake will remain as faithful followers that will come back again and again. Getting these themes will also depend on traffic that you will be targeting so you will have to get something that will be in line with you target market. Meaning there will be have to be some research to be done as it will not better offering the young generation something that is for the older generation that will not work out very well with them. If this will be the case then you will be having many that will leave your blog and never come back

Identify your audience:

Here your will be looking at who are you looking at targeting when it come to your blog. This will be in different categories that you will be looking at them like what is there interest, age range, marital status, sex locations and many more just to make sure that you have selected to target market so well. By so doing this will guide you in making sure that you have the right Audience and they understand the language that you speak. Resulting in you being much focused while blogging and that will mean starting a successful blog.

Add unique content to you blog:

Many are looking at just getting any information online and sharing with their audience but that does not really give the best result because it will be same information that they have seen elsewhere.  Apart from that it will affect your google ranking a lot that you will not have any general traffic coming over to your blog. Make yourself unique by making sure all the information that you will be sharing here will be something that you have researched about and know very well before writing. You might be busy and no ready to write then I suggest that you hire a freelancer to do the writing for you so that you have fresh content.

If all these tips that I have shared here are well followed you will find that you are starting a successful blog without anyone telling you or holding you by hand.

Thank you so much for your  time to read through this should you have any question you can sontsvt me on the below comment section with any question or contribution

Places to blog for free

If you just getting started with blogging there are many things that you need to know so that you are fully equipped from day one. In this blogging career you will have to look at tools that will help you in your blogging. Apart from tools you will also have to get skills that are required for all this and finally some miner cost that will be require to cover some hosting and domain registration.

Places to blog for free

Understating that all these things are required it is not all that get these on time. Because so many will be looking for places to blog for free so that they can get started. You might be here looking for the places to blog for free so that you can get started on time without fail even though you still do not have any money but are looking for the place to get started. Understanding all this from your end I will be sharing these places where you have this done for free while you develop your skill so that you finally are able to get started as a professional blogger.

These will be different from one person to another but finally have all the skills and resources required effectively so that you are finally at certain level where you feel comfortable to get started as a professional blogger.

Major places where many have started from by blogging as their blogging place is blogger which is under google. Apart from this there are also other places and that is WordPress which also another competitor of blogspot. If you are looking for one here among these two which to start with I will recommend that you start with WordPress because there is a free and professional version. By you getting used to this it will be very easy to continue with the paid version because you will be using the same interface.

However the only challenge that you will have with these places, to blog for free you will have to use site url that are customized by themselves. If you want your own domain name then you will have to buy one and link it to your blog by masking the address of that bog.

Apart from these are other places to blog for free that I can recommend to you.


Till now you will have selected places you will be blogging from and the one that will be comfortable with you.

Should you have any question I will be more than willing to assist so that you have all the information required? I am here to share the blogging journey for all that are just getting started. You also might be a professional but looking for free blogging platforms that you can recommend to your team then this will be the best solution for you.

Free Vs Hosted blogging

Blogging can be mistry to many that are about to get started. When you are just about to get started there will be many things that you will be looking at like what kind of the blog should I start hosted blogging or free blogging.

It has been challenging that many are looking at what will be the right way to get started in blogging because they are not sure whether the hosted or free blog or hosted what will be better. To make this very clear to all those that are in the same boats.  I will be sharing the best of the right blogging platform that you can use and its benefits.

In short the right blogging way to follow is hosted blog and there are some of reasons as to why this better.

Effective SEO

Hosted blogging

 For all the hosted blog you will be able to get the best effective SEO for that blog using plug ins that you can install and set up that will really help. Using these plugins you will have the opportunity that you would not experience if you are using free blog platforms like blogspot and wordpress which are the famous free platforms. It will also be very easy to really rank using these plugins online after they have been setup so well.

Beautiful design;

If anyone will be coming over to your blog there will be some that will come because of the beauty that is there. Due to the best design of themes that are being developed when it comes to the hosted blog you will definitely get the best and attractive themes. Just to clear this I will use a simple illustration that all of us out there we are always looking at something that is really nice and we associate ourselves with things like these. For that reason you will be looking for something that is pleasing to the eye even online and you get these themes using hosted blogs.

Professional look;

Here we will be looking at the domain name that you will get is you have a hosted blog. Most of the free blogs you will have domain name like WordPress or blogspot these are not professional looking names that you will love to see or easily remember. Since you are using the hosted blog it will be your very intention to have a professional blog that will have all requirement of the professional blog. Apart from domain name you will have better looking and more professional looking blog because of the settings that you will have laid out on this blog.

Fully under your control;

for those that are using the free blog they will agree with me that it is not hundred percent under their control. If you have free blog and are not sure about then please learn something today because using a free blog if people report you as scam or spam your blog will be shut down without any notice. Apart from this you will be restricted to the links that you can add to your blog which is different compared to the hosted blog where you have full rights and can add as many links as you possibly can without any issues at all.

Finally after getting to this point you will have the made the right best decision to making the right decision on the blog type you will be going for.

Just making it short and to the point I will recommend that you go with the hosted blog and that will be the right direction that you will be following in your blogging career so that you do not regret.

Thank you so much for taking you time to read this, should you have any question I will be looking forward to meeting you in the comments section below.