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Part 6: Start A blog, Getting Blog traffic

After you are done with you blog and have all there information that you need on that blog there will be something that will have to be actioned on.

Many that have gone till this stage have relaxed thinking that it is all done. But there is an important stage that you will have to action on which is like someone that is having a company without any marketing skill you will not be able to get any client in your company. When it comes to marketing with blogging we will be looking at blog traffic meaning number of people that will be coming over to your blog. We will be looking at getting targeted client meaning all those that are interested in what you are offering on the blog.

I will be addressing some of the traffic tips that once followed will give you best results and will improve ranking of your blog. Looking at these traffic tips we have many ways that you can get traffic to your blog and they are divided into two groups that is paid and some that are free but will only need your time. Since you are just getting started I would advise that you start with free ones while we study the paid ones and this will help in making sure that you are not losing any money from the beginning. All those that jumped into paid traffic without following proper steps have ended up losing a lot of money and even being in debts.

Commenting for blog traffic:

here we will be building relations ship with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs. These comments will have to be very detailed so that they are adding value. By so doing all those there looking at these comments will start following you hence ending up on you blog. In making sure that this is very effective we will being doing this on niche related blogs and those that have bigger following. It will not only be commenting but we will also be assisting by replying to the questions that other have asked and if we have the answers to all those questions that will make it very constructive.

Guest blogging for blog traffic:

If you are an expert in certain topic just know there are many out there that are looking for that information that you can offer. These will be those that are just searching for information but also other bloggers that you looking at writers that can add more information on their blog. In making this very effective we will have to search for all blogs that are in the same niche like we are and ask them if they’re willing to share our posts on their blog. Like mentioned in the commenting section here we will also be looking at blogs that have authority in that niche. Authority meaning those that have a long standing and a lot of traffic. How this will really word is by making sure post that you are sharing on these blogs will have to be very detailed and offering information in better and professional way. Since it you that is posting this article the blogger will give your credit by linking back you blog. By so doing all those that will read this will also be interested in knowing the author and that will lead more traffic to your blog.

Social media marketing for blog traffic

social media marketing we will be looking at using all social media sites very effective. There are many social media sites that you can use till date and to those that are not aware of what social media sites are here are the sites twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. For the start we are going to create profile on all these sites. When creating the profile we will have to make sure that profile is well detailed and has all the information.

After the profile have been created we will then start to add other followers to our account

How to increase blog traffic fast


increase blog traffic

After you have created and established a blog there other things that you will have to resolve as soon as possible and that will be traffic to your blog. A blog with no increased  blog traffic is like a shop that has been opened no matter how good it is but there is no one coming over to ask or buy anything from there. When it comes to online opportunities there are also many ways by which you can have traffic to your blog once all these have been applied to the very best that they need to be applied you will definitely get results.

As I share these I would like to say something that you will have to consider while getting started with online business and that is whatever you are doing online you will have to remember that you are into serious business:

We will also be looking at means that have really shown greats results once you use them. I will also make sure that I give you a few methods than overloading you with information which is not right as many of you will be ready to ready all this to the very end:

Increase Blog Traffic Method 

Facebook; this is one of the biggest social media site that you we have till date that many are using  despite age and location. There are many ways that you can share awareness of your blog on this platform, this might be on your profile, page or Groups. To really make it fast here you will have to use facebook ads which are really cheap and these will be able to drive a lot of traffic to your website like never before.

Guest blogging; here you will be taking much for your time by writing articles that will be posted on other people’s blogs. It will not be every blog that we will be posting these article on but we are looking at blogs that have authority and traffic within our niche. By so doing all these articles will have a link back  to your blog making all these people to come to your blog for more information after reading. In  making sure that this is effective all articles that we will be writing are going to be well researched articles so that readers can benefits and desire more of the same type of information hence coming over to your blog. Apart from link clicks you will also get the link backs that will boost blog SEO online.

Friends and Family; if there is anything that most of times we forget is telling our friends and family with regards to the business that we are doing thinking that they are not clients. But are can assure you that they are better referrals and will be able to spread news about your blog to others in way that you never expected. To make it simple just imagine if any of your family member where to share  you blog on their facebook and other social media profiles how many people will be reached ? the answer is many.

Youtube; is video sharing site is under google. Many people are into videos and less when it comes to articles so we will have to use this also as effectively as we possibly can so that we can get more traffic to our blog hence increase blog traffic. These videos will alsohave to be very informative so that we can have many that will be coming over to our channel hence clink on the blog links that we will be having under each video.

In summary 

I understand there are ,any ways that you get quick traffic to your blog but these are among a few that are more common that you can use now and then.

Using all mediums that we have mentioned above you will have all these best possible results that you will need for your blog. In making sure  that you are seeing results you will have to come up with an action plan that you will follow in making sure that are these methods are actioned on.

Thank you so much for taking your time to go through all this with regards to increase blog traffic.  If you really liked it share with your friend on Facebook and other social media sites.