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Blog installation

Till this far that we have come it might seem that there is no any progress at all here to many that have been following along. This is all because most you are very quick in making decisions such that you are looking for excuses instead of you taking action so that you can see the results.

blog installation

Only after taking action during all these steps that we have been following will you be able to see results. From hence forth I would like to eagerly urge all of you that are reading and following through to make sure that you are taking action.

Now that we have domain names and hosting we will be going ahead with our other stages and that is blog setup and installation. On this stage we are going to look at how you will be able to  install and setup your blog without any challenge that you might be thinking about. It might sound like something that is really very technical but thanks to blog setup software for wordpress. Using these software even those that are not sure and do not know any coding they are able to set one up.

Our step will be accessing the c panel of our hosting account where we are are going to locate the installation section for websites under the website section of the C panel. After logging in we will scroll to the bottom so that we can locate the the wordpress installation. click on install you will have wordpress installed automatically.

Second step will  be selecting the domain name where we want the wordpress blog to  be installed in. If you have many domains on this account you will have to be careful so that you do not install in the different account. It will also depend on what will be better format for when it comes to domain names that is a domain with www or the ones that has not.