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Must Join Affiliate networks

If you are an online entrepreneur you will be looking for something that will help you in generating income in what you are doing online. There are many ways that you can generate income online but the very first that you will have to look at will be affiliate marketing.

Then there is need of you knowing an affiliate network

What is affiliate marketing ?

This will be the question for many that are just getting started online. In short and to the point affiliate marketing is selling other people’s product and earn a commission in return after the sale has taken place. There are also many companies that will affiliate this opportunity. All this is like this because it helps any  company  grow quickly because it will be easy for you to distribute your product through all these people and finally get a commission for every sale that is made.

We have many affiliate networks that have been in the market for long these are the companies that many have gotten to trust. Also these sites you will be able to get many product that you can promote and earn an affiliate commission. We will look at a few that are really reliable and I can recommend to you for the start.



This is the long standing affiliate network that has been offering the many of those are are getting started online an opportunity to quickly get started. This has been great because of the commission that they offer. All products that are being listed ere are digital products so if you are looking at promoting digital products then this will be the right place for you.Their payments are sent out to all affiliate by cheque or bank transfer after you have reached a certain set limit or above that you will have to reach for you to be sent a commission cheque or transfer.

Commission Junction:


if you are looking at another alternative when you are looking at affiliate networks then commission junction will be the second one on the list. Here you will be able to get many products and services that you can promote. For you go go ahead with promoting here you will have to apply to certain affiliate products and only promote after approval. They also pay their commission after you have reached a certain low amount that you have set on the account minimum being $50. There payment are also paid by bank transfer or cheque. With this affiliate network you will have to be generating affiliate commission or your account will be closed if there are no nay affiliate commissions generated after a certain period..

Market Health affiliate network:


here we are  also looking at physical products that you can promote. All products listed here are health related  meaning it is actually a health affiliate network. They have managed to make a great name for themselves because of the commission that they offer and consistence in offering all these physical products. Apart from these health product  they also offer home business opportunities  that are related in selling health related products. Also commissions from this network are there bank transfer, cheque or payment via debit cards that are issued by payoneer. Using payoneer cards you can withdraw your cash from any ATM worldwide.

Amazon associate program: this is an affiliate program that is being run by amazon. Through this program amazon has been able to grow extensively because while many were looking at something that they need to buy from amazon there is an affiliate promoting this product. Through this program there are many now there promoting amazon products and getting a commission out of it. Commissions are not a big percentage but because of these high amount of these product commission are re really huge as well for some other products. There affiliate commissions are paid by bank transfer but you can also get you commission vs payoneer debit card..

Till this far you will have found the affiliate network that you will be going with. Should you have any question you can still send it to me and I will be more that willing to answer that. Or you can still share your question on the below section so that you we can have them answered as a team.