Part 5: How to start a blog; article posting

It has been a very long journey for many that have been following this from the beginning. They have also reached a point when they are asking themselves if there are really heading anywhere.

I can assure you that all this will make sense to you only if you will be taking action, so all those that are taking action will have results while working on this.

That been said I will make sure that this post is really brief so that we can have all the information that we need in as brief as we possibly can so that there is no one that will be left out but we all will be on the same page with regards to this.

Today we will be looking at posting something on the blog and all this is after we have setup the blog till this far as per steps that we have out lined above.  Meaning we are looking at those that have taken action if you have not, then this will still  be theory to you instead of it being practical. But I would urge that you also take action so that you are not just a spectator but an action taker.

When posting on the blog there are different information format that you can post on the blog. All this will depend on what you are blogging about. Some information that can be posted on the blog will be in formats like article, Video, Images or it can be a mixture of all these as it will all depend on what you are blogging about.

Photographers it will be mostly pictures that will be posted on their blogs.

For, writer it will be mostly articles that will comprise of a lot of text and it will look like an online magazine or newspaper.

Any artist this will mean a lot of videos that will be shared on the blog

So looking at this you will now have what you share on the blog depending on the niche that you are blogging about. Even with all these when it comes to blog posting steps that will lead you to the posting space are the same for all these blogging topics that you will be involved in.

These post can be done on a page of the blog or post section of the blog depending on where you want to add that post. We will take an example of post section because that is where most of posts are shared. Here are some steps that we will have to follow to get to this

New post

This will be first point that we will have to go to as we start to post so that we can open the post window in order to add that post.


Once on the post window we will have to come up with a title of the post. When it comes to picking a title you will have to look at many things among which will trending and search engine optimized topics that you will have to look at. By taking all these two features in consideration you will have something that will give you the best result with regards to web traffic. It will be like this because many will be attracted to trending topics and others will be able to get to your site after searching for the keyword on google.

Post Body

Here is where you will be entering all the information depending on the line of blogging that you are looking at for example text, video, image or mixture of any.  Here you will also have to take into consideration that you have the SEO issue controlled and managed very well.

Publish: after you have finished posting details or you post and you want the post to be live and viewed by all those that are coming over to your blog you will have to publish it.

After all these steps have been followed you will have your post online and many will view it.

Congratulation for making it till this far blog posting.