Part 7: Start a blog, blog optimization

For all those that are in blogging they will be doing this for many reasons. There is no way that you can force them to stop doing what they are doing because they are looking at it as a hobby while others are looking at it as a business.

There are some that are doing so because they just like sharing all the information that they have and believe it will be of great help to many.

Others are into this because it’s something that is helping them by bringing more traffic to their website and then getting more clients.

We also have another group that has started a blog as a business on its own that through it they will be able to generate some income.

Despite anyway that you have gotten yourself into blogging and getting income from blogging will be something that will really make you happy. Many that have achieved this have now finally settled in so well with their families because they are earning extra income while enjoying all very best times with their families.

During all the so this that we have been going through I managed to help many generate some income from there blog so that it can finally become your full time work. That being said there are many ways that you can generate income online through your blog. Here are some of the means that you can to this without taking much of your time:

Affiliate marketing

if there is any way that many have been able to get started online then that will be affiliate marketing. Through this many companies have been able to grow to great extent. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you will be promoting other people products who in return will offer you a commission for the promotion that you have done. Some companies that are really using this effectively are companies like Amazon and have been into this for very long time.

When looking at this type or marketing you get an affiliate link from these sites and through this link all those that will be clicking on it and buy anything a commission will be allocated to you. It has really worked out so well that many are making a lot of money through this.


Here we are looking at companies that are into the niche that you are blogging about these companies might be selling something or offering service. Instead of you getting an affiliate link you will be offering advertising space on you blog so that they offer their adverts for branding purpose. Payment that you will be getting will be per month or week depending on what you have agreed on.

Good thing about this type of incomes does not depend on any action that will have to be taken by visitors that are coming to your blog. All you will have to work at will be getting more visitors to you and it will have to be very popular.

Adsense marketing


Like amazons this is also another way that has made google grow to what they are today. Through this mean they are able to share their revenue with all those website that are displaying ads on their website for Google’s clients.  Her are looking at commission that you will be earning not from the sale but it will be through clicks that you will be getting on ads displayed on your blog.

Because it is click commission are so low but if you have a lot of traffic definitely will be able to get a lot of commission amount to great payment. Those that hard started with this in the very beginning had nice commission because their site had lot of commissions.

After you sign up with them you will be provided with code that you will add to your site for adds to be displayed.

Cpa marketing:

Unlike affiliate  where you will be getting commission after a sale has be done here you will be getting commission after someone has signed up using the affiliate link that you have offered. It can also be for only signing up to get trial product that they can use.

You might be asking yourself as to why are people being paid for such simple things but I can sure you when it comes to online business if you have a list that you have business and vice versa if you do not have one.

Meaning why you are being paid it is all because through all those that have signed up the company will have gotten an email address or phone number so that they can follow them up for business.

When looking at ways and means to generate income through blogging there are many but for me not to confuse I have decide to offer you this short list for the start.

Thank you so much for following along till this far should you have any question you are more that welcome to share. Also should you have anything that you want to share with me I will be looking forward to getting them from of you my readers?