Keyword Research Tutorial

Now that you have finally arrived at the niche topic that you will be going there will be another sector as earlier said that will be keyword research. Here we will be looking at getting the keywords that all those  that are in our niche market will be searching online to get what they want. By getting this right you will be have guaranteed traffic to your blog and not ordinary traffic but those that are really interested.

While looking at this we will go with the niche of “shoes” as a an example and we will continue digging deep on this niche so that we can get the full details.

When looking at keyword research remember there are two categories of keyword that is Short keyword like “Shoes” and long tail keywords like “ black leather shoes for men”. Ranking on first page of google will be very easy and very targeted if you are ranking using the long tail keywords compared to the short keyword. Also all those that are searching for the long tail keywords are the the ones that are very interested in what they are looking for and more likely to buy should they get what they have searched for on your blog.

There are many way that you can reach the point of having all these long tail keyword but is not really that easy for those that are getting started and have no any proper guidance. I am making sure to really go slow and as practical as I possibly can so that we can all be on same page and be fully equipped by the very end.

Tools that you can use are divided into two there are those that are paid tools and the free ones bust since you are getting started and I want you to get the concept behind we will be going with the free tools. Here some free tools that you you can use that we are also going to use here:

All these tool that we have listed above will be used  for brainstorming and researching keywords search volume and competition as well.

Allow me to go back to the niche of shoes that we had listed as something that will  Guide us. Here below will be the direction that I will follow to get a list of keyword we will be suing for targeting. For easy understanding we will stick with one tool that we will use from start to the end and that will be google keyword planned and Google Search engine to some extent

Step:1 Go to google  search  for the keyword shoes from the results scroll to the bottom where you will get the keywords suggestion as per the below list

keyword research

Searches related to shoes

    • back to the future shoes
    • nike self lacing shoes
    • shoes websites
    • shoes online
    • shoe carnival
    • payless shoes
    • cheap shoes
    • dillards shoes

Step 2: instead of us adding the word “shoes” in the keyword planner we will go na extra mile and search for these keyword on the google keyword planner which will then give us a complete list of long tail targeted keywords. After a search results change the competition filter so that you can filter out the Low competition keywords and these you can select these:

keyword Research

Here below is the list of  low competition keywords that have the words shoe in them.

  • payless shoes hours
  • payless shoes locations
  • shoe carnival black friday
  • shoe carnival coupon code
  • shoe carnival coupons
  • shoe carnival hours
  • shoe carnival in store coupons
  • shoe carnival pr

Step: 3 Now that you have this list of keyword you will then gain go back to the google search tool and search for these keyword in inverted commas so that we can get to see our competitors all those keyword with competitors  and not really strong we will get started in that


By now should have gotten your targeted keyword that you will be going for and the only thing remaining is also getting the related keywords.