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Part 7: Start a blog, blog optimization

For all those that are in blogging they will be doing this for many reasons. There is no way that you can force them to stop doing what they are doing because they are looking at it as a hobby while others are looking at it as a business.

There are some that are doing so because they just like sharing all the information that they have and believe it will be of great help to many.

Others are into this because it’s something that is helping them by bringing more traffic to their website and then getting more clients.

We also have another group that has started a blog as a business on its own that through it they will be able to generate some income.

Despite anyway that you have gotten yourself into blogging and getting income from blogging will be something that will really make you happy. Many that have achieved this have now finally settled in so well with their families because they are earning extra income while enjoying all very best times with their families.

During all the so this that we have been going through I managed to help many generate some income from there blog so that it can finally become your full time work. That being said there are many ways that you can generate income online through your blog. Here are some of the means that you can to this without taking much of your time:

Affiliate marketing

if there is any way that many have been able to get started online then that will be affiliate marketing. Through this many companies have been able to grow to great extent. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you will be promoting other people products who in return will offer you a commission for the promotion that you have done. Some companies that are really using this effectively are companies like Amazon and have been into this for very long time.

When looking at this type or marketing you get an affiliate link from these sites and through this link all those that will be clicking on it and buy anything a commission will be allocated to you. It has really worked out so well that many are making a lot of money through this.


Here we are looking at companies that are into the niche that you are blogging about these companies might be selling something or offering service. Instead of you getting an affiliate link you will be offering advertising space on you blog so that they offer their adverts for branding purpose. Payment that you will be getting will be per month or week depending on what you have agreed on.

Good thing about this type of incomes does not depend on any action that will have to be taken by visitors that are coming to your blog. All you will have to work at will be getting more visitors to you and it will have to be very popular.

Adsense marketing


Like amazons this is also another way that has made google grow to what they are today. Through this mean they are able to share their revenue with all those website that are displaying ads on their website for Google’s clients.  Her are looking at commission that you will be earning not from the sale but it will be through clicks that you will be getting on ads displayed on your blog.

Because it is click commission are so low but if you have a lot of traffic definitely will be able to get a lot of commission amount to great payment. Those that hard started with this in the very beginning had nice commission because their site had lot of commissions.

After you sign up with them you will be provided with code that you will add to your site for adds to be displayed.

Cpa marketing:

Unlike affiliate  where you will be getting commission after a sale has be done here you will be getting commission after someone has signed up using the affiliate link that you have offered. It can also be for only signing up to get trial product that they can use.

You might be asking yourself as to why are people being paid for such simple things but I can sure you when it comes to online business if you have a list that you have business and vice versa if you do not have one.

Meaning why you are being paid it is all because through all those that have signed up the company will have gotten an email address or phone number so that they can follow them up for business.

When looking at ways and means to generate income through blogging there are many but for me not to confuse I have decide to offer you this short list for the start.

Thank you so much for following along till this far should you have any question you are more that welcome to share. Also should you have anything that you want to share with me I will be looking forward to getting them from of you my readers?

Part 5: How to start a blog; article posting

It has been a very long journey for many that have been following this from the beginning. They have also reached a point when they are asking themselves if there are really heading anywhere.

I can assure you that all this will make sense to you only if you will be taking action, so all those that are taking action will have results while working on this.

That been said I will make sure that this post is really brief so that we can have all the information that we need in as brief as we possibly can so that there is no one that will be left out but we all will be on the same page with regards to this.

Today we will be looking at posting something on the blog and all this is after we have setup the blog till this far as per steps that we have out lined above.  Meaning we are looking at those that have taken action if you have not, then this will still  be theory to you instead of it being practical. But I would urge that you also take action so that you are not just a spectator but an action taker.

When posting on the blog there are different information format that you can post on the blog. All this will depend on what you are blogging about. Some information that can be posted on the blog will be in formats like article, Video, Images or it can be a mixture of all these as it will all depend on what you are blogging about.

Photographers it will be mostly pictures that will be posted on their blogs.

For, writer it will be mostly articles that will comprise of a lot of text and it will look like an online magazine or newspaper.

Any artist this will mean a lot of videos that will be shared on the blog

So looking at this you will now have what you share on the blog depending on the niche that you are blogging about. Even with all these when it comes to blog posting steps that will lead you to the posting space are the same for all these blogging topics that you will be involved in.

These post can be done on a page of the blog or post section of the blog depending on where you want to add that post. We will take an example of post section because that is where most of posts are shared. Here are some steps that we will have to follow to get to this

New post

This will be first point that we will have to go to as we start to post so that we can open the post window in order to add that post.


Once on the post window we will have to come up with a title of the post. When it comes to picking a title you will have to look at many things among which will trending and search engine optimized topics that you will have to look at. By taking all these two features in consideration you will have something that will give you the best result with regards to web traffic. It will be like this because many will be attracted to trending topics and others will be able to get to your site after searching for the keyword on google.

Post Body

Here is where you will be entering all the information depending on the line of blogging that you are looking at for example text, video, image or mixture of any.  Here you will also have to take into consideration that you have the SEO issue controlled and managed very well.

Publish: after you have finished posting details or you post and you want the post to be live and viewed by all those that are coming over to your blog you will have to publish it.

After all these steps have been followed you will have your post online and many will view it.

Congratulation for making it till this far blog posting.


Part 4: Start a blog, Blog and Plugin setup

After all steps that we have followed till this far you will be here where you finally need to set up you blog so that all those that are looking at it will have something that is attractive and pleasing to the eye. For that reason we will be looking at this forth step in these series because without this you will have a blog that will have no any information that will be able to help you in any way possible. Because of this all those that will be coming over to your blog because it lacks some attractiveness they will leave without doing anything and that is why we are looking at this so that we can overcome this challenge.

Understanding all this, allow me to take you through the blog setup process that will be able to help you overrides all these issues. There is no any complication, like we had said in the beginning because this has been designed in such a way that all those that  are using it will be able to work with it easily.

Major things that we will be looking at and that you will have to setup will be a blog itself that is the layout. Here we will be looking at deleting some posts, comments and any other required staff that where installed without our consent. All these will have to be deleted and this will be done from the back by creating on these option and clicking on delete that will make sure that all these  are deleted.

After deleting all these you will then be bale to start flesh from something that is clean.

We will also look at theme installation and setup this is what will give the layout of our blog so that you have all the information that you need. This will be like adding cabinet to the blog where you will be arranging all these things in proper order making it look very neat.

After installation another section that we will be looking at will be setup of all plugins that you had installed earlier. We will be looking at plugins that are really necessary for your benefit and working of your blog.

I will not look at all the plugin that we had installed as some are really very easy to have them installed but we will be looking at some of the plugin that are really necessary that said we  let us get started:

Setup of these plugin will be under settings when you go to each plus in so that you have all the information that you need.

SEO by Yoast – This is plug in that is really required because it really helps in the SEO setup up of your blog to all that are just getting started. It also help in the building of your blog so that you search engine can easily understand you and have it ranked. Using it you will have full control of the keywords that you want you blog to rank for by advising where you need to add your keywords for the best results. There many steps that you will have to follow when it comes to installation of this plugin from start to finish in making this really easy for you please follow through on the below video for detailed setup.

Contact 7 –  This will help in the setup on your contact form on your blog to all that will be coming over to your blog so that  they can also easily contact you accordingly should they need to ask you anything.

Social plugin – using this plugin you will be able to share information that you have on your blog that easily. If you are looking for something that will make all those that are coming to your content to easily share then you have that too that you need and that is it.

Thank you so much for taking you time to read this till this far. Noe that you have finally reached the end it if time that you made sure that you have taken action instead of wasting your time and waiting for tomorrow that will never come.

Remember many that have been waiting for tomorrow have never accomplished anything and they will not be able to accomplish anything unless if they take action and that will be today and not tomorrow as many will be thinking.

Looking forward to having you as we go to step number five.

part 3: Start a Blog WordPress and Plug in installation

To all that have been with me since the start of these Tutorials I would like to say congratulation once more. I understands that we have not covered a lot of things but just following till this far that also deserves the praise on its own. That is only one of these things but I would also like to emphasize that action is really important. If there is no any action after reading this it will not be of any help to you.

I am not really forcing that you have to do this but I find it better if all those that are following are also action takers. By taking action after reading these tutorials we will find that by final step seventh steps we will all be there and having our own blogs. Doing will also add a sense of encouragement to all that are following along in making sure that you have taken these point are taken in to consideration.

Without taking much of your time allow me to continue to this section where we will be looking at blog and plugin installation. In the past there was a lot of coding that was required when it comes to blog set but in current day’s there are many platforms that you can use for blogging and website creation. Among all these platforms there is one that has really gained popularity that we also use effectively and that is WordPress.  There has been great popularity with this because of the features that come with it like it is user friendly and many plugin that you can use on it for various purpose without going through detailed coding.

Due to all this it has really made it possible for all that are getting started online to still create blog despite not having any technical or programming skills. In within a few minutes we will have our own blog online but it will not only have any content which we will have to add later.

Log in your Cpanel

Using log in details that you have received on email that came from Bluehost you will have user name and password. These are very important credentials that you will have to keep safely because with these anyone one can sign into account and hack your blog. To make sure that you can easily remember your password you will have to change it to something that you can remember but that others also will not be able to remember that easily.

Installation of WordPress:

Once on the control panel get to website section here and select on “install wordpress”. After this you will be required to select domain name where the blog will have to be installed and they will be domain name that you had registered. Since you have a package of one domain then you will have only one domain to select from drop down menu. In addition to domain selection you will also have to enter log in credentials that you will be using to sign in to the admin end of the blog if you are posting anything there.


Step 1:

while under C panel go to website and select ” install wordpress” as per the below screen.get_installation


Step: 2

you will then be directed to the page as per below where you will only have to click on next so that you can continue.


Step: 3

After selection domain name from this window you will have to click on next that will lead you to the installation window. On this window will also be required to enter what will be your admin panel log in details that you require. Upon completion of these steps you will have a confirmation in your email with admin panel details and you will have to keep these detail very safe as they are very important.


Final step on this section will be to install there the WordPress blog which will be through the install button that you have here. This should take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

As a confirmation on this installation that it is successful you will have a confirmation message on the window and you will also get an email with credentials for admin panel.

Plug in Installation:

We have many plugins that we have on the market and there are many new being introduced every day. Today we will only at those that are really necessary. These will be plugins that are really required from day one of your blogging career. By using all these plug in in place you will have batter blog that will also be search engine friendly. Here are all these must have blog plug in that you need for better performance of your blog and you can get these from the blog post that I have on this blog here.

Now we know all these plug in we will look at installation of these plugin. First step will be by you accessing your admin panel where you will find all options that are required to access these option for installation. Once on the dashboard you will have go directly to plugin section of menu so and select on new



You will then be lead to where you will be able to select all these required plug and you can so this by doing a search on the top one that you have all these plugins that you need for your blog.


After searching oft the plug in you will then have to click on install so that you  can have it installed on your blog. For those that might have plugins on their computer you can also just upload them by going to upload options. This is more when it comes to plugs that you have to pay for as you will not them from any free database.

By doing installation it does not mean that you are done because there is another step of activating and doing  some setting for the same. We will look at this in detail on nest lesson as we do setting for all these so that they are fully functional.

Till this you have blog that will have all these details that you need all you will have to do now is start adding details to it like articles, videos and Images.