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Part 6: Start A blog, Getting Blog traffic

After you are done with you blog and have all there information that you need on that blog there will be something that will have to be actioned on.

Many that have gone till this stage have relaxed thinking that it is all done. But there is an important stage that you will have to action on which is like someone that is having a company without any marketing skill you will not be able to get any client in your company. When it comes to marketing with blogging we will be looking at blog traffic meaning number of people that will be coming over to your blog. We will be looking at getting targeted client meaning all those that are interested in what you are offering on the blog.

I will be addressing some of the traffic tips that once followed will give you best results and will improve ranking of your blog. Looking at these traffic tips we have many ways that you can get traffic to your blog and they are divided into two groups that is paid and some that are free but will only need your time. Since you are just getting started I would advise that you start with free ones while we study the paid ones and this will help in making sure that you are not losing any money from the beginning. All those that jumped into paid traffic without following proper steps have ended up losing a lot of money and even being in debts.

Commenting for blog traffic:

here we will be building relations ship with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs. These comments will have to be very detailed so that they are adding value. By so doing all those there looking at these comments will start following you hence ending up on you blog. In making sure that this is very effective we will being doing this on niche related blogs and those that have bigger following. It will not only be commenting but we will also be assisting by replying to the questions that other have asked and if we have the answers to all those questions that will make it very constructive.

Guest blogging for blog traffic:

If you are an expert in certain topic just know there are many out there that are looking for that information that you can offer. These will be those that are just searching for information but also other bloggers that you looking at writers that can add more information on their blog. In making this very effective we will have to search for all blogs that are in the same niche like we are and ask them if they’re willing to share our posts on their blog. Like mentioned in the commenting section here we will also be looking at blogs that have authority in that niche. Authority meaning those that have a long standing and a lot of traffic. How this will really word is by making sure post that you are sharing on these blogs will have to be very detailed and offering information in better and professional way. Since it you that is posting this article the blogger will give your credit by linking back you blog. By so doing all those that will read this will also be interested in knowing the author and that will lead more traffic to your blog.

Social media marketing for blog traffic

social media marketing we will be looking at using all social media sites very effective. There are many social media sites that you can use till date and to those that are not aware of what social media sites are here are the sites twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. For the start we are going to create profile on all these sites. When creating the profile we will have to make sure that profile is well detailed and has all the information.

After the profile have been created we will then start to add other followers to our account

Part 4: Start a blog, Blog and Plugin setup

After all steps that we have followed till this far you will be here where you finally need to set up you blog so that all those that are looking at it will have something that is attractive and pleasing to the eye. For that reason we will be looking at this forth step in these series because without this you will have a blog that will have no any information that will be able to help you in any way possible. Because of this all those that will be coming over to your blog because it lacks some attractiveness they will leave without doing anything and that is why we are looking at this so that we can overcome this challenge.

Understanding all this, allow me to take you through the blog setup process that will be able to help you overrides all these issues. There is no any complication, like we had said in the beginning because this has been designed in such a way that all those that  are using it will be able to work with it easily.

Major things that we will be looking at and that you will have to setup will be a blog itself that is the layout. Here we will be looking at deleting some posts, comments and any other required staff that where installed without our consent. All these will have to be deleted and this will be done from the back by creating on these option and clicking on delete that will make sure that all these  are deleted.

After deleting all these you will then be bale to start flesh from something that is clean.

We will also look at theme installation and setup this is what will give the layout of our blog so that you have all the information that you need. This will be like adding cabinet to the blog where you will be arranging all these things in proper order making it look very neat.

After installation another section that we will be looking at will be setup of all plugins that you had installed earlier. We will be looking at plugins that are really necessary for your benefit and working of your blog.

I will not look at all the plugin that we had installed as some are really very easy to have them installed but we will be looking at some of the plugin that are really necessary that said we  let us get started:

Setup of these plugin will be under settings when you go to each plus in so that you have all the information that you need.

SEO by Yoast – This is plug in that is really required because it really helps in the SEO setup up of your blog to all that are just getting started. It also help in the building of your blog so that you search engine can easily understand you and have it ranked. Using it you will have full control of the keywords that you want you blog to rank for by advising where you need to add your keywords for the best results. There many steps that you will have to follow when it comes to installation of this plugin from start to finish in making this really easy for you please follow through on the below video for detailed setup.

Contact 7 –  This will help in the setup on your contact form on your blog to all that will be coming over to your blog so that  they can also easily contact you accordingly should they need to ask you anything.

Social plugin – using this plugin you will be able to share information that you have on your blog that easily. If you are looking for something that will make all those that are coming to your content to easily share then you have that too that you need and that is it.

Thank you so much for taking you time to read this till this far. Noe that you have finally reached the end it if time that you made sure that you have taken action instead of wasting your time and waiting for tomorrow that will never come.

Remember many that have been waiting for tomorrow have never accomplished anything and they will not be able to accomplish anything unless if they take action and that will be today and not tomorrow as many will be thinking.

Looking forward to having you as we go to step number five.

How to Selling your own product online with Shopify

There are many ways that you can make money online.

Among some of these way that you can make money online will be selling your very own product. Here you will get many online companies that are doing this and are really trending when it comes online selling. You will also be looking at selling your own product online.

Even after knowing that you can sell you product online you will be asking yourself as to how you will be able to do this online.

This has been challenging question for many that they are thinking this can be done by special type of people that have special skills, which is not the case.

By just selling online you have many benefit that will really help you in your online business journey. The list of benefits will be long but allow me to share some of these few that you will have to take into consideration so that you are equipped and understand what you will be getting yourself in.

  • Most of the online transaction are on cash basis and this will Eliminate issue of you have to wait for the money after selling services. Due to this you can also use this money to boost your business and avoid any cash flow issues that many offline companies are facing.
  • By just getting started to selling online it mean your shop will be open 24 hours, meaning while you are sleeping there will be many people that will be Visiting your shop and buying goods or services that you are selling.
  • You will also have access to wide audience because all will be able to get access to your shop despite where they are in this world. No matter how remote the location might be you will still be able to access them as long as they have access to internet and they are looking for things that you are selling on your site.
  • There will also be less work for you because all payment will be collected automatically till banking and all you will have to do on your end will be your packaging products and sending them after getting an alert. You can also sending be automated if you are selling software product which is what is being done by Microsoft hence making Bill gates one of the richest man in the world because he is selling his products online and they are auto delivered while he is still sleeping.

This list will be going on and on if we are to look at selling your own product online in detail.

Now that you have the benefits with regards to selling online you will be looking at how you will be able  to get started selling your own products online and putting everything in place.

In the past there where many complication that you had to take care so that you can get started selling your own products online. Due to all these complication many never even dared because it was too complicated. Understanding that complication that many where facing there has been development of many platforms through which you will be able to sell your own product online.

They have also been developed with certain level of simplicity and user friendliness.

When it comes online selling you will have to put a few things in place and that is:

  • Domain Name: this will be name of your you shop
  • Webhosting: where you will be hosting your shop so that it can be displayed online. All the files and image that you will be displaying of your product will be stored here so that they can be viewed online.
  • Payment getaway: Through which you will be able to collect payment for all those that are coming over to your shop to buy.

Yes, it now it looks like it is really complicated again but there is a solution that has simplified all this in the best possible way. Using this tool many these days are using it to start their online shop without any issues and that is the tool that we will be looking at today so that you can get started as soon as possible.


Getting to the final point which is revealing the software you will be able to sell your own product online with.  There is no any other site but Shopify. It is an online platform that you can host and can create your very own online shop with. It had been made easy such that  using this you can start selling your own product online in a few minutes without any issues or complications at all that we have been facing in past at all. Using them you will also be able to manage your payment system for payment collection.


After getting to this point you are finally there and can get started selling your own product online that you have in store.

If you are looking  what will sell online it everything that you see around you sell online from food  to clothes you can sell anything.

Ultimate Screen Capture Software

For all those that are bloggers and are into video blogging allow me to share some of the Screen capture software that will change you blogging career for good.

This will not be for videos bloggers only but also those that are interested in video blogging and are looking at ways by which they can get started then this will the right post for you.

Not also forgetting those that are looking around just interested in videos blogging and things how some of these things happen on the back end please consider yourselves covered as well.

In short all tips that will be shared in this article are those that will help you in your blogging career and give you more information on video blogging.

We have seawares that are used for on screen recording that you will get in the market but I will be revealing the ultimate that is being used by many bloggers. It is not that because they are famous but because they have been able to stand the test of time and that is why they are being used till date. During the all of this period they have also undergone many major developments. That being said you will be rest assured of best results when it comes to video blogging using these soft wares. It will also be to best benefit of you and all those that are coming over to your blog or YouTube channel to watch these videos.

Many are the ways that you can use these screen capture software:

  • You can use them for recording lessons or tutorials that you will be sharing with your students and all those that are looking at learning that skill.
  • They can also be used to show or demonstrate any software that you are would like to show others how it works. Even basic operation of the computer that you would like to share with others you can use this.
  • Using these you can also record video based information product that you can sell online or distribute for free.
  • For those that like playing games online you can also record the game that you playing and all trick that you can them upload online for others to view

There are many things that you can use these screen capture software depending on your line of work. Since we have many of these screen capture software I will be sharing one that I call the ultimate scree capture together with others.

Jing screen capture software

Jing – Screen Capture Software

This is very basic of all these tools, using it you will be able to share all the short videos that you record from your screen. They are short indeed because of its limitation that you can only record videos that are running for 5 Min max. It also has limited features when it comes to editing any video that you have recording using this tool.

Camstudio screen capture software

Camstudio – Screen Capture Software

Looking at this software it will be the next in list while getting to the ultimate screen capture software that we are yet to get too. It is better than Jing tool mention above and it is also free. Apart from it being free there many features that it comes with compared to others free tools. Using this tool you can also record profession videos but you will only have limitation when it comes to editing of these videos.

Camtasia Studio screen capture software

Camtasia – Screen Capture Software

Finally we are there this is what I will call ultimate screen capture software. There are many things that you will be able to get with tool. It has also really undergone great developments that all new trends have been included here. In this software videos can be edited to greatest perfection with addition of shout outs. If you are looking for tool that will do your screen capture from start to finish in a very perfect way then this will be ultimate go to.

Now that that is it has all these feature there are people that are behind it making sure that it is going with trend. Because there is team working in making sure that you have better and perfect software it has cost also attached to it.

But understanding that some might be tight on budget but ready to get started there is also a trial version that you can use for limited period while planning for full version.

Till this you have finally gotten the right tool that you will be using for your screen capture works so that you have better result and nice looking videos

All this will be possible and perfect using Camtasia the ultimate screen capture software that has stood the test of time till to date

Top 6 Bloggers Must follow in 2017

If you are just getting started with blogging then you will have to look at some other bloggers so that you can get motivation as you continue in your blogging career.

Blogging is something that has really gotten popularity in the recent years, and there are many that are doing this online. Apart from blogging for fun it has now resulted into income generating endeavor for many that are running their blogs till date. To all those that had started long time ago they have even stopped working in many offices and only concentrate on blogging.

Knowing all this I will be sharing top bloggers that will be a role model to you so that you can get the motivation that is required. I understand motivation is something that we all need when it comes to doing anything. And that is why I am sharing this list with you.

I know many will say that it is not possible to have a full time income from blogging but with these details you will definitely be motivated to keep on blogging.

All these blogs are in different niches but despite the difference in the niches all these have been able to get an income that they can use and has guaranteed them the freedom that they need in life.

All these have not been listed in a certain order but all at random since that are all for same purpose, and that is show you as an example:

Bloggers smart online Incomes

This is this blog that you are looking and reading this article from. I have kept this as first on the list not because it is very important than other but all because from here you will be learning more and training when it comes to blogging. All tips that I share here are from personal experience and can be used by all that are just getting started.

this is this blog that you are looking and reading this article from. I have kept this as first on the list not because it is very important than other but all because from here you will be learning more and training when it comes to blogging. All tips that I share here are from personal experience and can be used by all that are just getting started.

You also have full access to contact me should you have any question when it comes to blogging.

bloggers - Blogging cage

This is another blogging blog that has been there for a long time now that it has full details when it comes to blogging. This was started by someone that had passion in blogging so at to assist others that are just getting started.


It has been a role model blog for many because of the personal touch that is there with regards to the article that are shared on this blog. It had also gotten popularity due to the incomes statement that are being published on this blog on monthly basis. Apart from article blogging he has also extended to podcasting. This also resulted into him coming up with his own podcasting software.

bloggers viperchill

Are you looking for a blog that will give your more information on SEO?

Are your looking for a blog with detailed case studies? If you have some question like the above then here you will be learning in details when it comes blogging due to the case studies that he also share on his blog.

bloggers - shout_me_loud

Here you will be getting all the affiliate marketing blogging tips that you require to when it comes to blogging for income. He also started his blog as something he can do on part time but as time went by and incomes started increasing he developed it into a full-time business. To this date apart from just blogging he is also string other on the internet marketing.

bloggers pro_blogger

This is among the blogs that have been there from the very beginning of professional blogging. It was an archive when it comes to blogging, even with the rise of other bloggers you can still go there for reference and get more details when it comes to blogging.

There is really no definite end to the blogging list of all top bloggers that we can look to. I have shared this list of all those that I can recommend those that are really a motivation to me so that you also get the feel when it comes to blogging.

All I have shared this so that all those that were about to give up thinking that this does not work can get encouraged and keep on with speed and energy.

For you to really enjoy blogging you will have to do it as an interest that you can follow and go by.