Thank you so much for taking you time to here today. You are here  because you are looking to getting to know the person behind this blog or you might have stabled on this page after looking for more information on this blog.

Be it that you here incidentally or you are here coincidentally allow me to introduce myself as a man that is behind this  blog which to me is really informative though some do not agree. I also appreciate the because I will not be the right person to make any decision for you when looking at what is right or wrong.

But since you are here allow me to tell you about myself so that you can have the picture of this person that is always here for you when eve came over to this blog.

By Name I am Solomon  Mwale and an an ordinary father of two beautiful daughters that is Happiness and Angel also a husband to a beautiful wife Rehema. We  are fully settled in the beautiful island spice island of Zanzibar  which is part of Tanzania mainland in East Africa. That being said one of the major reason as to why I started working on the blog is also to have the freedom that is really need so that i Can stay with my Kids and see them grow.

I have started the blog to share all the blogging and internet marketing knowledge that I have been holding for all this long. Apart from just sharing I am also  looking at helping all those that are just starting online and are not very sure where to start from. I understand that getting something started if you do not have anyone that can help or guide you it is really tough.

Though there is saying that “ when things get tough only the tough get going” . Sometimes that is not the case because even the tough never get going till they are guided.

Now that you are also finally here it time that you got ready to learn more about internet marketing and blogging so that you can be an online entrepreneur. If there will be nay question that you might have while we get started together on this great journey please leave any of that question in the comment section so that I can have them answered. I will make sure that there no nay question on this blog smartonlineincomes.com that will remain unanswered.

Apart from those that will  be asking question I am also looking forward to all those that are experts online and willing to share anything on this blog,  you are so much welcome. Should you be one of them please drop me an email and I will get back to at the speed of sound.

Enjoy your further reading

Solomon  Mwale