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 February 16th, 2016  


 February 16th, 2016  


Without   any rush I would like to welcome you to this blog that will help you as you get started in online business. I know some of you are not starting now but you are can also get some tips that will help you as you continue with your online business endeavors.  For both groups this will be made possible because of the information that I will be sharing with you on this blog.

In welcoming those that are just starting you can join the list of all those that are getting started in online business with free training from me. During these training you will be learning skills and will also be taking action. By so doing only then will you be able to see results but if there is no action taken there will be no results that you will see and you will end up losing hope as a failure. It is not my desire to see people that are failing only because they could not take action so please sign up only if you are ready to take action and follow through. This will help you in not wasting your precious time and my time as well.

However for all those that have already started I will be looking forward to exchanging ideas with all of you that have more, less or same knowledge so that we can keep on growing this online business platform.  I also believe through these exchanges that we will be having on this blog many will be learning, something that will be of great help to them. Knowledge is not to be kept but to be distributed to all those thirst and looking for it out there.

In closing and coming back to the subject in specific, that we will be looking at for all those that are beginners will be how to set up a blog. This will be from niche research, Domain registration, blog setup, Optimization to finally how you can start generating income from your very own blog that will be running 24 hours.  By the end of all this training you will be having full time blog that will be running and I all also be there to offer you the best of help that you might need. I will also be sharing with you all tools that are required in this online business that you will be using to your benefit and best result in blogging.

You will be joining from different fields and backgrounds and you are now asking yourself how will this be possible ? All I can say is that if you will be ready to dedicate one hour of your time per day for 30 days you will have you blog fully setup and running.

Welcome to the world of online business for a bigger research.

 February 16th, 2016  


Welcome to my about page.

I can guess why you are here and that is to know the person that is behind this blog. You are more than welcome and I will review myself to you here itself so that you can get to know me and where I am coming from.

When you are reading biographies of many people you will be told many things but I will not be like them in making you get the best that will suite you since you are here on this blog and that will be in line with what this blog is all about.

I am very ordinary African living in Africa in beautiful country called Tanzania that is also Host the Highest Mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro.

I have fallen in in love with internet marketing because of the reach that it provides and freedom that you are able to get while working online. Many are things that you will be able to do while working online if you are doing it correctly.

Despite many challenges that come with being an online entrepreneur in Africa I have been able to overcome most of these barriers to here where I am today. For that reason I can call myself an experienced barrier breaker when it come online business in Africa. Apart from making it online I also love to share knowledge that I have received all these years with all those that are just starting and experts in online business.

That being said you might be asking yourself then what will you call me, there are many names that you can call me by depending on what comes into your mind after reading this. To make all this very easy for you I call myself Blogger, Internet marketer and Social media expert.  All this has come about due to experience that I have had in all these areas for this long.

You are more than welcome to join this great and growing team of online entrepreneur training at a very minimal fee enough for a burger.



Blogger, Internet Marketer and Social Media Expert


 February 16th, 2016  


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 February 15th, 2016