Part 4: Start a blog, Blog and Plugin setup

After all steps that we have followed till this far you will be here where you finally need to set up you blog so that all those that are looking at it will have something that is attractive and pleasing to the eye. For that reason we will be looking at this forth step in these series because without this you will have a blog that will have no any information that will be able to help you in any way possible. Because of this all those that will be coming over to your blog because it lacks some attractiveness they will leave without doing anything and that is why we are looking at this so that we can overcome this challenge.

Understanding all this, allow me to take you through the blog setup process that will be able to help you overrides all these issues. There is no any complication, like we had said in the beginning because this has been designed in such a way that all those that  are using it will be able to work with it easily.

Major things that we will be looking at and that you will have to setup will be a blog itself that is the layout. Here we will be looking at deleting some posts, comments and any other required staff that where installed without our consent. All these will have to be deleted and this will be done from the back by creating on these option and clicking on delete that will make sure that all these  are deleted.

After deleting all these you will then be bale to start flesh from something that is clean.

We will also look at theme installation and setup this is what will give the layout of our blog so that you have all the information that you need. This will be like adding cabinet to the blog where you will be arranging all these things in proper order making it look very neat.

After installation another section that we will be looking at will be setup of all plugins that you had installed earlier. We will be looking at plugins that are really necessary for your benefit and working of your blog.

I will not look at all the plugin that we had installed as some are really very easy to have them installed but we will be looking at some of the plugin that are really necessary that said we  let us get started:

Setup of these plugin will be under settings when you go to each plus in so that you have all the information that you need.

SEO by Yoast – This is plug in that is really required because it really helps in the SEO setup up of your blog to all that are just getting started. It also help in the building of your blog so that you search engine can easily understand you and have it ranked. Using it you will have full control of the keywords that you want you blog to rank for by advising where you need to add your keywords for the best results. There many steps that you will have to follow when it comes to installation of this plugin from start to finish in making this really easy for you please follow through on the below video for detailed setup.

Contact 7 –  This will help in the setup on your contact form on your blog to all that will be coming over to your blog so that  they can also easily contact you accordingly should they need to ask you anything.

Social plugin – using this plugin you will be able to share information that you have on your blog that easily. If you are looking for something that will make all those that are coming to your content to easily share then you have that too that you need and that is it.

Thank you so much for taking you time to read this till this far. Noe that you have finally reached the end it if time that you made sure that you have taken action instead of wasting your time and waiting for tomorrow that will never come.

Remember many that have been waiting for tomorrow have never accomplished anything and they will not be able to accomplish anything unless if they take action and that will be today and not tomorrow as many will be thinking.

Looking forward to having you as we go to step number five.

part 3: Start a Blog WordPress and Plug in installation

To all that have been with me since the start of these Tutorials I would like to say congratulation once more. I understands that we have not covered a lot of things but just following till this far that also deserves the praise on its own. That is only one of these things but I would also like to emphasize that action is really important. If there is no any action after reading this it will not be of any help to you.

I am not really forcing that you have to do this but I find it better if all those that are following are also action takers. By taking action after reading these tutorials we will find that by final step seventh steps we will all be there and having our own blogs. Doing will also add a sense of encouragement to all that are following along in making sure that you have taken these point are taken in to consideration.

Without taking much of your time allow me to continue to this section where we will be looking at blog and plugin installation. In the past there was a lot of coding that was required when it comes to blog set but in current day’s there are many platforms that you can use for blogging and website creation. Among all these platforms there is one that has really gained popularity that we also use effectively and that is WordPress.  There has been great popularity with this because of the features that come with it like it is user friendly and many plugin that you can use on it for various purpose without going through detailed coding.

Due to all this it has really made it possible for all that are getting started online to still create blog despite not having any technical or programming skills. In within a few minutes we will have our own blog online but it will not only have any content which we will have to add later.

Log in your Cpanel

Using log in details that you have received on email that came from Bluehost you will have user name and password. These are very important credentials that you will have to keep safely because with these anyone one can sign into account and hack your blog. To make sure that you can easily remember your password you will have to change it to something that you can remember but that others also will not be able to remember that easily.

Installation of WordPress:

Once on the control panel get to website section here and select on “install wordpress”. After this you will be required to select domain name where the blog will have to be installed and they will be domain name that you had registered. Since you have a package of one domain then you will have only one domain to select from drop down menu. In addition to domain selection you will also have to enter log in credentials that you will be using to sign in to the admin end of the blog if you are posting anything there.


Step 1:

while under C panel go to website and select ” install wordpress” as per the below screen.get_installation


Step: 2

you will then be directed to the page as per below where you will only have to click on next so that you can continue.


Step: 3

After selection domain name from this window you will have to click on next that will lead you to the installation window. On this window will also be required to enter what will be your admin panel log in details that you require. Upon completion of these steps you will have a confirmation in your email with admin panel details and you will have to keep these detail very safe as they are very important.


Final step on this section will be to install there the WordPress blog which will be through the install button that you have here. This should take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

As a confirmation on this installation that it is successful you will have a confirmation message on the window and you will also get an email with credentials for admin panel.

Plug in Installation:

We have many plugins that we have on the market and there are many new being introduced every day. Today we will only at those that are really necessary. These will be plugins that are really required from day one of your blogging career. By using all these plug in in place you will have batter blog that will also be search engine friendly. Here are all these must have blog plug in that you need for better performance of your blog and you can get these from the blog post that I have on this blog here.

Now we know all these plug in we will look at installation of these plugin. First step will be by you accessing your admin panel where you will find all options that are required to access these option for installation. Once on the dashboard you will have go directly to plugin section of menu so and select on new



You will then be lead to where you will be able to select all these required plug and you can so this by doing a search on the top one that you have all these plugins that you need for your blog.


After searching oft the plug in you will then have to click on install so that you  can have it installed on your blog. For those that might have plugins on their computer you can also just upload them by going to upload options. This is more when it comes to plugs that you have to pay for as you will not them from any free database.

By doing installation it does not mean that you are done because there is another step of activating and doing  some setting for the same. We will look at this in detail on nest lesson as we do setting for all these so that they are fully functional.

Till this you have blog that will have all these details that you need all you will have to do now is start adding details to it like articles, videos and Images.




Part 2: How to start a blog Domain Registration and webhosting

I appreciate your interest to follow this till this far. We are actually in next on step number two that we are going to be looking at domain registration and webhosting. These are very essential things that you need in making sure that you blog is online. If this is not well structure there will not be any possibility of having your blog being visible online. Here is where all we are looking for that is with regards start a blog.

I will appreciate your full concentration as we look at this to in detail so that by the end of this article you will have your domain and webhosting done. We have many domain registration companies out there as well webhosting. But today I am here to make sure that you have this lesson in the best possible way that will make you feel comfortable and as something that you will be able to do.

For this reason I will be sharing steps that will really make this very enjoyable for you without any complications but all in all you will have the best blog in place hosted by one of the best companies. That being said we will be using hosting company called Bluehost.

Why are we using them it is all because of the offer that they able to give when it comes hosting with them and the major one being a free domain name and you will also betting $200 worth of advertising credit. While using them for webhosting you will get your domain name registered with them for free meaning you will only be paying for hosting.

We also have many blogger that are using them and I am also using them till now. After taking this it time that we got started in an illustration way that will make it easy for many to understand.

Open Blue host website:

We will open the website, after getting to the website we will click on the getting started button that will lead us to where we will be selecting package that we want to go for.

start a Blog with bluehost

Select a package:

There are three main package but we will go with the basic one which allows us to host one blog or website and that will be enough for you. Should you need to have many website hosted then you will have to go for the higher packages.



While on this package click on “Select” button under basic package


With basic package we will have all resources that you need online to finally have your blog online.

Domain Registration:


Here you will be looking at page where you will have enter your domain. There are two option here but we will go for new domain name. Domain name this is the name that will typed on the web in order to access your blog. It will be something like this this might be anything your store name or anything. If you are looking at getting more details on how you will be able to select a correct domain name there are lessons that I have shared on this very blog on how you can do that.

When you have entered domain name then you will click on “next” to processed.


Account information:


Here you will have to enter all details that are required. It will be like registering the ownership of that domain meaning all those that would like to know who owns this domain they will be lead to your details.

Package information:

These will be details of the package that you are going for on this website. We will be looking at the payment plan for account here as that is major one the longer the period the cheaper it is and vice versa. For all other options offered you can just tick them off now if your budget does not allow as they are not really necessary.



Looking at the amount there, for three years it will be $3.95 per month meaning this will be your investment that you will be spending per month as you test drive this. Looking at actual business concept this really cheap when compared to renting a shop in offline business.

I short I can say that this is enough for buying a burger per day but it will be your monthly investment.

Payment information:

Finally you will have to enter your payment details, agree to terms and click on submit. As confirmation that you payment has gone through you will get a hosting and payment confirmation.


On this email you will have log in details that you need for your control panel. Keep that tight as we will be using in our next lesson.

Congratulation you finally all the domain name and hosting setup for your blog.

In the next Lesson we will be looking at WordPress blog installation.

Step 1: How to start a blog?

We are many that have been looking around for the answer this question. You also are here because you are looking for the answer to this very question, how to start a blog?

I would like to say, congratulation! Because this will finally be fully reviewed to you today so that you can even get started without any barriers. It is not really a very long route but is something you will be able to do in within 20 minutes. But for more detailed and well laid out lesson I have decided to have this broken down into seven steps that you can follow and have perfect results.


I have done it like this so that you are not rushed up but have all steps in detail and we are all going at the same pace. When looking at how to start a blog there are steps that we will be looking at and that we will have to fulfill. Once we cover all these steps and take action then we will have a professional blog at the end that you would have created.

If you are looking at something that you have been expecting to happen I can assure that it will not happen till have taken action will you see it taking shape.

Despite of anything that you have heard, I am here to assure you that blogging can be broken down into 7 simple steps. Using these steps many have started their own  their own blogs without any tech skills.

Here are these steps that we will be looking at in these series so that we have a general understanding and are ready to go on:

  1. How to start a blog.
  2. Domain Registration and webhosting.
  3. WordPress and Plug in installation
  4. Blog and Plug in setup
  5. Article posting
  6. Blog Traffic
  7. Blog optimization

We are now looking at number one that was just for you to have a picture on some of the things that we will be looking at. If you are very new to these things do not feel left out like you will not make it because this will be simplified to the understanding of even beginner so that we can be on the same page. There will not be anyone that will be left out but we will all be on the same page

Since we will be going together there is only one thing that I would like to ask from you that are reading and looking forward to having their own blog from this lesson.

All I need is your seriousness as we continue so that we are on the same page and there is no one left out. Also should you have any question please feel free to have it posted here so that even others can learn from your questions and answers that will be coming along with those questions. Even after doing all this your consistence will be greatly appreciated in taking action on all those thing that we will be discussing about.

Remember I am doing all this because I believe you are able to create your great blogs and all I will be doing will be guiding you in your blogging career so that you are on correct track. You all have not started till now, not because you are dull but all because there was no one that would guide you in this Journey.

Welcome on board and looking forward to having you in section two of this journey.

How to Selling your own product online with Shopify

There are many ways that you can make money online.

Among some of these way that you can make money online will be selling your very own product. Here you will get many online companies that are doing this and are really trending when it comes online selling. You will also be looking at selling your own product online.

Even after knowing that you can sell you product online you will be asking yourself as to how you will be able to do this online.

This has been challenging question for many that they are thinking this can be done by special type of people that have special skills, which is not the case.

By just selling online you have many benefit that will really help you in your online business journey. The list of benefits will be long but allow me to share some of these few that you will have to take into consideration so that you are equipped and understand what you will be getting yourself in.

  • Most of the online transaction are on cash basis and this will Eliminate issue of you have to wait for the money after selling services. Due to this you can also use this money to boost your business and avoid any cash flow issues that many offline companies are facing.
  • By just getting started to selling online it mean your shop will be open 24 hours, meaning while you are sleeping there will be many people that will be Visiting your shop and buying goods or services that you are selling.
  • You will also have access to wide audience because all will be able to get access to your shop despite where they are in this world. No matter how remote the location might be you will still be able to access them as long as they have access to internet and they are looking for things that you are selling on your site.
  • There will also be less work for you because all payment will be collected automatically till banking and all you will have to do on your end will be your packaging products and sending them after getting an alert. You can also sending be automated if you are selling software product which is what is being done by Microsoft hence making Bill gates one of the richest man in the world because he is selling his products online and they are auto delivered while he is still sleeping.

This list will be going on and on if we are to look at selling your own product online in detail.

Now that you have the benefits with regards to selling online you will be looking at how you will be able  to get started selling your own products online and putting everything in place.

In the past there where many complication that you had to take care so that you can get started selling your own products online. Due to all these complication many never even dared because it was too complicated. Understanding that complication that many where facing there has been development of many platforms through which you will be able to sell your own product online.

They have also been developed with certain level of simplicity and user friendliness.

When it comes online selling you will have to put a few things in place and that is:

  • Domain Name: this will be name of your you shop
  • Webhosting: where you will be hosting your shop so that it can be displayed online. All the files and image that you will be displaying of your product will be stored here so that they can be viewed online.
  • Payment getaway: Through which you will be able to collect payment for all those that are coming over to your shop to buy.

Yes, it now it looks like it is really complicated again but there is a solution that has simplified all this in the best possible way. Using this tool many these days are using it to start their online shop without any issues and that is the tool that we will be looking at today so that you can get started as soon as possible.


Getting to the final point which is revealing the software you will be able to sell your own product online with.  There is no any other site but Shopify. It is an online platform that you can host and can create your very own online shop with. It had been made easy such that  using this you can start selling your own product online in a few minutes without any issues or complications at all that we have been facing in past at all. Using them you will also be able to manage your payment system for payment collection.


After getting to this point you are finally there and can get started selling your own product online that you have in store.

If you are looking  what will sell online it everything that you see around you sell online from food  to clothes you can sell anything.