Top 5 Paid Advertising Sites

While getting started with working online or if you will be running a blog online you will need paid advertising because there will be need of getting traffic to your blog.

paid advertising

Any blog that you are building will have to make sure that you have traffic coming to it. If there is no any traffic it will be like you have a shop but there are no any clients that are coming to your shop.

This has been the situation in the ordinary environment it will lead to you closing the shop due to that you are not getting clients and there is not any business. If there is any concept that we need to understand is where there is traffic there is also possibility of getting clients to your shop.

Likewise, if there is no nay traffic there will not be any sales that you can get from you the shop be it online or offline.

This being said there is a great need in making sure that you have traffic coming to your blog so that you do not fail but excel.

This is the same situation when it comes to online, so you have to make sure that there is traffic to your blog or it will be a failure. When it comes to blog traffic, there are many ways that you might have heard about how you will be able to get traffic to your blog. Among all these that you might have heard there some that will be free methods and other that will be paid methods.

There are all methods that will help in making sure that you have traffic your blog. Looking at these two there is one big difference when it comes to these methods and their speed of delivery. When using the free method you will have a lot of time to work on them and see results while for paid methods you will have less time to work on them and start seeing results.

Here we will be looking at paid advertising sites that can bring traffic to your blog. Like mentioned above there are many sites But I will be sharing with you the top 5 sites that will help in bringing paid traffic to your blog. I have looked at sites because they are the ones that I have used in the past and they have offered the best possible results than what i had expected.

There is not any guarantee that you will get results like I did but there is a guarantee if you use these tools correctly you will get better results. Here we are also looking at making sure that you have the skill set that is required for making sure that you see these results.

Search Engine Adwords

Paid adverstising

This is one of the major and top paid advesring sites that had been there from the beginning. Most of those that had started with online businesses by looking at paid traffic method. Here we are looking at search engine sites that offer an option for advertising as well.

when we look at search engine all we know is that we just have to use them for searching any information that we need to know or find out. there are many search engine but the ones that I can recommend as earlier mentioned are Google and Bing.

I am not limiting you to these only, as there are many more that are out there some are just coming up. If there is any search engine that you know of just check to make sure that they have an option for Adwords so that you can advertise with them.

You will have different search engines in different locations and some are categories by their target market.

Paid Advertising Social Media Ads

paid Advertising

Apart from search engine there also many social media sites that are now offering paid advertising spots on their sites. When looking at these sites there many of them. You might be like those that are not using this sites but is making sure that you are on the same page with the others out there here are some famous social media sites out there Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Snapchat as well these days.

Here I have mentioned the major ones that are used by many people but there are still some apart from these that you might be conversant with.

On all these sites you will have a section that says Advertising on them and through that link, you will get all the advertising information that you need.

After signing up to these sites you will have all these information that you need when it comes to to advertising on their site. On all these sites you will have to make sure that you have the correct information that is required with regards to advertising on these sites or you will end up losing a lot of money.

Paid Advertising Buy and Sell Ads

Paid Advertising

We have looked at the social site and search engine here we are looking at Buy and Sell ads site, where you can buy traffic from by using banners that you will display on various sites that are listed on this network. Here we are looking at various sites that have been subscribed to this site and have lost of traffic. You will be paying them to have your banner displayed on their sites depending on the site to which these sites are in so you have to make sure that sites you are using are those that are in the same niche with your blog.

Some of the major sites when it comes to this category are as per the below listed:

Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell Ad

Paid Advertising Solo Ads Sites

paid Advertising

Here we are looking at email marketing using other people’s email lists. There are many that have the email list in different niches and we are looking at those that have email subscribers that are in the same niche as we are blogging in. Meaning if you blog is about cooking then we have look at those that have of cooking related email list that you can start working with.

In this category, you will also have many sites that are offering these services apart from the site you can also get them from various Facebook groups that are into Solo Ads.

Here is the just few of those sites that are offering this service for quick reference so that you are not left out.

Domen Solo Ads


Solo Ads

Solo Advertising

Native ads Paid advertising:

paid advertising sites

If there is any advertising method that is very famous and used by many now, then that will be native Ads well not go without mention. Here we are looking at advertising where you will be showing your Ads to people visiting various sites even the news sites. There are major differences when it comes to these with banner ads. Difference being that these are embedded in the content on these sites making them look like they are same content when they are ads from different companies. In the recent period there has been great traffic when it comes to this.

Just in making sure that you are bale to reach to these sites easily here below are some of the sites that are offering this service.

Out Brain

Native Ads

Ad Maven


All these that I have shared here are the famous paid advertising methods that you can use for the best results of any only marketing that you will be doing.

But before you get to use them you will have to make sure that you have better training on how you can use them for better results. There many that just went in quickly and they lost a lot of money which I do not want to be the case with you. If you are looking for where you can get better training when it comes to this then this will be the right place. I will be sharing more information on this so that you can have all the information that you need on any of these paid advertising methods that you need for growing your business.

You might be asking yourself,  why use paid advertising when there is free method, but here we are looking at something that will offer you traffic within a short period of time and you can have results. It will also help in making sure that you have better results in measuring progress of your business

If there is any question that you have leave it in the comment section below. Should you also have anything that you need more guidance I will be more than willing to assist accordingly on the same.

Getting started with Blogging for Money in 2018

Many that are just getting started with blogging are looking at some things that is blogging for money. There are many out there that are asking the same question if it is possible to make money blogging.

blogging for money

You are asking this question it is all because you might be in on of the below categories and that is why you are asking,

You might have heard other people telling you that it is possible to make money blogging but you could not believe them because of many different reasons.

If it is not for others people telling you then it all because you might have read something like this online and because of many scam information moving around you have this question on trying to find and prove what you have read-only. You might have started already by after believing all the information that you heard and read online.

I am not trying to say that this wrong all in all it is better to get the correct information and from sources that you can trust and will be able to give you the proof. Also when it comes to looking at these sources they are all in a different format it will depend on what you will have access to. Now that you are reading this post allow me to share with you all the information that will help you as we go along so that we can all be on the same page and comfortable. For easy understanding of this, I have broken it in various actions that will help you, In making sure that you are knowledgeable in all the information that you have been looking forward to looking at getting the correct information that you have shared with them.

How to make money blogging for beginners and professionals

If there will be any first question that will be in your mind will be how to make money blogging. If this will be answered in a better and professional way it will give you a better start as you continue reading this post. There are various ways that you can make money blogging and I will be sharing all that you can make money through blogging and here below are some of the ways that you can make money blogging.

This is not a complete list but these are ways that you can make money blogging. As we go along with blogging and online business envolve you will have many ways of making money online. It is the same right there are other ways that were not there in the beginning but have just been implemented now. I had made this clear to you so that you not about and say I can only make money blogging using these methods and you lose out on some revenue sources that are there.

Start A Blog

Affiliate marketing: here you will be paid by recommending other peoples products and getting a commission from the sales of those products. This is the famous way by which many bloggers are making money online because it is very easy you just have to direct traffic to the link and earn commission from the sale that will be generated from those links. Considering that you are marketing for them most of these companies will offer you a huge commission to about 60% of the sale amount. When it comes to these networks it is not very complicated as they are looking for partners that will help in promoting their products. If you are just getting started and looking at what you will be able to promote, then this will a way to go for you.

Banner ads: this will depend on how much traffic does your blog get and that will lead to other companies and bloggers asking to display their banners on your blog. These can contact you directly through other display Ads networks like Google Adsense, Mediavine, and many more. There more the traffic there more income you will get. Application to these networks will depend on How much traffic do you have to your blog, meaning they have certain traffic cap before you apply. Only after getting to the set traffic caps can you go ahead and apply to these networks that you are looking at. Considering that there is the application process that needs to be done there is also an approval process so you will have to expect some delay on the application that you will have sent them.

Product creation: when you look at two of the above option we are looking at promoting products that do not belong to us, now with this option we will be creating and promoting our own products. please remember that this will only be possible after we have gotten a following and people are able to trust us for the product we create. Apart from this, you will be getting the full sale price of anything that you will be selling so the more product you sell the better is the income you will generate from them. Here we are looking at income after deducting any operation cost that you incurred while creating your products.

Among these methods that we have listed here the best one will be creating your very own products because you will have full-time income that is under your full control, unlike other companies that can close without any notice. When it comes to product creating there are various forms of products that you can Create and promote. Depending on the industry that you are in the products can be digital or physical products.

The fastest and ones that you can create will be digital products

How much money can you make blogging

While looking at the way that you can make money by blogging you will be asking yourself how much money you can make through blogging. Many of us were always looking for getting full details on th result so that we can be motivated. If you are looking for specific amont there is no any specific amount that you can get from blogging but it will all depend on how much you put in. There your put in the more traffic you have to your blog nad will have better incomes. Just for Exomaple here are some blogger incomes that they generate per month from blogging:

Smart passive income

Smart passive income – $167,553 (June 2018)

Making sense of Cents – $113,235 (July 2018)

Adventure in you – $12,782 (January 2018)

Slaying Social – $10,676 (June 2018)

There are many like these but I have decided to list this as an example that will motivate you and so that you have proof after coming to the end of this post.

How to start a blog for free and make money

Now that you have read this till this far you will be looking for the way that you can start a blog. There are many ways that you have a head when it comes to starting a blog. Among all these many ways you also might be looking at “how to start a blog for free and make money”.

In the past, there are many that had made blogs using free blogging platforms but I can assure that these will not take you far until you have something that will be better looking and professionally prepared. Apart from this using the free blogging platform will give some limitation which is what you do not need when it comes to making money on the blog.

Types of blogs that make money

When looking at blogs there are types of blogs that you have to look at when getting started so that you have a professional looking blog from day one before going any further. That being said I categories blogs into two categories that are:

Video blogs: these are blogs that will be communicating the with their audience using videos that are be ing published on the blog.

Text blogs: these are blogs that communicate with the audience using article only.

Imagery blog: here we are looking at blogs where you will be sharing the information using the images that you will be sharing with your audience.


Thank you so much for taking your very precious time to read through this post till this far. In making sure you are not left out when it comes to future pots that I will be sharing here I am advising that you subscribe to my email list.

This will help so that you do not miss out on any great post that I will working on here on this blog so that we grow together.

Remeber in closing please, ensure that you take action and only then will you see results that you are expecting failure to do that it will not help you in any way.



Must have tools for professional bloggers

If there anything that you need when it comes to blogging then it is some silly tools that are helping you in making sure that your blog is managed professionally.

Must have tools for professional bloggers

I am saying silly tools because that is why many look at them without considering what they are able to fulfill. You might have heard many tools that are mentioned by many bloggers but I will be sharing Only must have tools that will help you, in your blogging career a great success. We are looking at tools that can only be acessed via Online, mean you should have an internet connection for accessing these tools.

These are tools that have really helped many bloggers out there. Apart from you having all these tools you have to make sure that you are able to use them. Not being able to use them is like having something that is essential in life but you are not using it. If you are in this situation of not using tools that you have at hand you will be affected by not getting results you are supposed to get. All those that have been able to see results it is all because they had taken action than just looking at tool that they have at hand.

Getting all these tools, it will be a long list that can bore you, but in making sure that you have something that you can easily follow I am sharing only must-have tools. Should you by any chance have any further tools that are fine within you which I believe will the case as you go along. All these have not been categorized in a certain form but we are looking at them as their random list that I have arranged below. Here we will be looking at tools that are helping in Graphics, Text and many more depending on what you are working on.


here you are looking at a tool that is helping you in getting better looking artworks. It is a graphic design tool that will be used by all that are looking at getting nice looking artworks even though they do not have any better graphic design skills. As mentoned earlier that we will be looking at tools that are only acessible online. Should you have any work that you will be doing online and involves graphic design then this will not be possible using this tool. In short in you are thinking of creating some artwork for yourself then this will be a tool that you have to use.


Must have tool for bloggers Not many of us are better writers when we are getting started with blogging and one of the challenges that we have is grammer errors. To avoid this from happening especially if you are coming from non english speaking countries this will be a challenge. Because of this many have also failed to continue writing due to there grammar skill that are not good. In making sure that you have better grammar skills for anything that you are writing then this will be something to help you at getting better results when writing anything online.

Google AdWords

For anything that you are sharing online, we are ensure that we have better keywords that can be found by those that are searching for those things online. Only if this is done correctly will you will be able to get a better result to anything that you are sharing online. That being said we will have to ensure that we have the right keywords that are inline with what we are displaying on our blog.

Bookmarking tab

Apart from having tools these tools, there is a need for organizing tool that you have so that they are in the correct order for you to start using them. In having tools these tools used in the correct format then you will have to get bookmarking tools that will help in organizing this. My recommendation on this will be a google bookmarking tool.

By using this tool it will be easy for you in managing all other tools. Since you  have all these tools on google bookmarks you will have access to these on any computer as soon as you log in your browser


There would have been a very long list for you to read through but looking at getting a better action plan then this is the list that you can look at.

I have made this list so short so that you have not much information to go through. This is all because getting a lot of information will be information overload to you. Meaning by minimizing the list that you have for the tools you will have better results that will help you.

Should there be any tool that you would like us to add to this list please share below so that we can keep on adding them to this list.

Online Image Editing tools that are easy to use.

If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing or running your business online then one of thing that you will have to look at will be getting all your artworks done in a better way. Getting these mages done in batter way depend on the skill that you have when it comes to graphic design skills. Graphic design is not something that many can pride themselves only but only for those that are better at this skill.

Knowing that this is a situation for many of us I am presenting some of the online tools that you can use in getting better at the graphic for any business that you are working on. We will be looking at tools that will really making you graphic skill to all new level even if you have never had any skills.

The the only challenge that is there with regards to using these tools is that they are all online, so you will have to get the internet connection for you to use these tools. Them being online there are many challenges that will hinder you with regards to using these tools. If you can overcome these challenges then these tools are your solution when it comes to creating any graphics for your blog.

Here below are some challenges that you can face when it comes to these tools:

1. These tools are running online so you will have to make sure that you have full internet access when working on any artwork. If there be any challenge when it comes to yo internet then there will be nothing that you can work on. Only those that have full internet accesss can get all required results as it will be easy acess to these tools for them.

Why Online Editing tools 

2. You have to make sure that you have some computer skill in place that you can use for the start,  failure to having these skills you will not have any better results that you have been looking at getting all this long in your graphics being created.

3. Limitation on a number of fonts and fucntionality when creating any graphic. This is something that you can not easily notice unlesss if you are an expert graphic designer and have used some tools in the past like adobe photoshop or illustrator and many more.

But even after facing all these barriers you will be able to get better looking artworks that will work better for you. Now that you have all these in place it will help in the growth of your business that will be just starting. Remember all better-looking artworks will bring in more traffic to you that ugly looking ones.

After taking you all this long allow me to share with you tools that I am using for my graphics so that you can as well use them; These tools are free of charge but have a paid version if you are looking at using more features shared on these tools. Using more features is an option and not a must depending on what you are working on. Helow below are two of the best tools that I have used so far and I am still using some:

Online Editing Tools

Image editing tools

PicMonkey: getting the best results is something that we all have been looking for. In the sense of getting a better-looking graphic that you will use these for your business. Being not very good at the skill you can have these better-looking artworks done by you using this tool.

The only thing that you have to take into consideration is that this tool has to be used while you are the online failure to that, you can not use this tool. To all those that are looking at getting some training on your graphics creation skill using these tools then you can get training on using these from youtube.

Canva: If there is any tool that is being used by many as on now then this will be the tool. It all because there are many ready-made templates that you have access the tool while using this tool. Apart from ready-made templates, you will also have any option that you will create custom-made templates


Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read through this and I believe you will have gotten the information that you have been eagerly looking forward to knowing when it comes to the design of any graphics that you need for your business.

You might one of that after reading this you will have many questions and seem not to get an answer. I will be more than willing to assist you on you that are looking at getting more information and guidance on this.

Best affiliate marketing books in 2018

You will be looking for best affiliate marketing books in 2018 When you are just getting started in anything that you will be doing there is also something like equipping yourself in making sure that you have all the right information in anything that you will be doing. Getting equipped will only be possible after you have gotten the right information on anything that you are working on. For this reason that is why I have decided to share affiliate marketing books that will help you in growing your affiliate marketing business.

I understand there are many ways that you can have all this information but one that I count as the best is through reading because you will be getting the detailed information required. You might have read many books out there but I have picked the best that I recommend from my personal experience for 2018. It might be that you are just getting started or you are experienced but all in all these books will be of great help to you.

Many will be reading this post but one thing that I would like to emphasize is to make sure that you after you have read the book please take action. I am only sharing these few books in making sure you do not have any information overload that can be a barrier to you.

Till this far you will be thinking of how many will all these books be but since I am not looking at boring you I will be sharing the 3 best books only and this will be enough for you when it comes to affiliate marketing. Apart from these, there will be many books that you will hear others are sharing but I have limited this to three so that you can have all these details and be up to date when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Even though they are very few take advantage of these books and you will see the results when it comes to your affiliate marketing career.

Top Three affiliate marketing books that you can read in 2018

DotCom Secrets By Russel Brownson

If there is any book that has been written by a professional affiliate marketer that is doing just that then this is the book. It is written by Russel Brunson one of the top affiliate marketer the creator of Click Funnels. This book is written from personal experience with regards to his affiliate marketing career. Here we are looking at the knowledge shared by someone that has been doing this and not those that are just waiting for others.

Many that have been using this book and his click funnel have seen many great results. You can order this book online from his site and It will be shipped to you. Apart from the book, you will also have access to his email sequence that you can use for your affiliate marketing in selling these book and earn some commission. All these emails will be 100% yours for use in your business and they really convert.

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web By Bruce C Brown

affiliate marketing books

As the name suggests this is a complete guide that you will have to make sure that you read as an affiliate marketer. This book is not for a certain class of people but for all that are into affiliate marketing be it a beginner or intermediate. Using these actionable steps there shared in this book you will have the best info that you will be looking forward to so that you can have the best results for all your affiliate marketing ideas.

You might have gone to many shelves looking for affiliate marketing books but I will recommend this to the highest extent to all those that are just getting started or those that are looking for something that they will refer to.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” by Brian Conners:

affiliate marketing books

Most of the times when we are looking for affiliate marketing books and are just getting started we will be looking for something that will be good and workable for beginners. That being the case this books is there to fill in the gap and make sure that all beginner are covered. If you are just getting started this will have to be your very first stop in your affiliate marketing careers.

This book has simplified affiliate marketing in making it very easy to understand to all those are just getting started. I understand when you are just getting started it very challenging in getting something that will guide you to the level of your understanding comparing that you are just a beginner.

In this book, you have all the up to date information that you need when it comes to affiliate marketing even as a beginner. By getting this kind of information you will not have issues that many encountered in their affiliate marketing career.

Affiliate Marketing by Andy Anderson:

affiliate marketing books Now that you have looked at the above three books that I have shared allow me to share the final one with you.




Till this far you should have decided which book you will be reading some will be going for all books while other will be going for a few books only. there the best things that you will have to do is make sure that you have read these books. They will be of great help to your affiliate marketing career that you are in or have just started.

Most of these books you can buy them online or you can get them from the local bookshops that are closer to you.

If you will b looking for free training that will help you in getting started and be guided when it comes to affiliate marketing then you are more than welcome. To all those that are serious a ta getting started when it comes to affiliate marketing where you can contact me through the contact page on this blog. This training will before free to the first 100 that will contact me as soon as you see this post. In making sure that you are not left out contact me now while I am still taking more people.

Enjoy reading these books so that you can be on the same page with all professional affiliate marketers.