Can I really make money online ?

There are many questions like these you will be asking yourself or you have head some people asking you and you still had May 2014 income reportsno answer. It is all because you have never done this before and if you are to do it you will be doing this for the very first time. You might have also never seen or read about those that are really doing this and are making it online.  Being the major question there are many answers to this question but among the majors one  will be Yes, No and some will say maybe all because they are not sure.  With me the right answer I will be a  Big YES and I will be showing how and Will also offer some examples of the bloggers that are making their living online without attending any 9 to 5 job that we are all used to and had always looked forward to after finishing our educations. We have never dreamt about working online because we are told that there is nothing like that and they are all scams.

 You will also be asking yourself how much you will be able to earn online this varies according to the work that you put in to anything that you will be doing online. There are some that are earning up to $80,000 per month just from one blog. That is not a typo you read it right is Eighty thousand dollars per month that is their earning.  I know that there are some that will not believe this till they see what I am talking about of the person that is earning amount of money there are many examples that I can give but I will share any example of one of the simples but actives guys in this industry and that is no other than Pat Flynn from smart passive income. When you visit his blog you will also get all the earning details meaning where all the money comes from that accumulated to this amount of money per month. But one thing you will have to understand is that this did not happen overnight he had to work had to get to this goal it was never achieved if the first month of his business.

If you have been together with me all along I will should finally be convince that this is all possible there are many bloggers that I can list here that are making it in this manner in this business if you do not believe after looking at pat blog here still other bloggers that are earning some money online that you also can do without fail.

Smart Passive income – $83,591.43

Pinch of Yum  – $ 23, 375.49

Mathew Woodward – $14,345.48

Beat the 9 to 5 – $5,349.50

This is not the only list there many more that are killing it online I just showed this so that you can know that it is possible but you will have to get someone to train you in this area. Many that went in without any training failed after a while because they did not follow the procedures correctly. It will also be best that you follow those that are already killing it online. To join up for a free training with me just send me an email at.

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10 best personal blogs on the internet

If you are looking at being good in any field that you might think of you will have to get someone to train you in that field. This top personal blogswill also have to be someone that is really good in that field, and it will be better if you get someone that is not just saying but doing it. You will learn most of thing from these people even for just being close to them that will really change you for the better because they have experience.  In the ordinary world it will not be easy to get people of this type that you will learn something from them but using the internet it is very easy to get in touch with these people while seated in front of your computer.  Like I am just doing now listing this for you which you would have had to struggle to get.

Since I am in the internet marketing field and if you are reading this you will also be interested in the same field for that matter I will be sharing with you some of people that I can recommend to you in this field. Me and these will be sharing something that will motivate you and will makes sure that some of the questions that you had in these area are answered as you will get the answers by juts reading the our blogs and  articles that we have here. It will also give any opportunity to take another step of contacting these people for more information for clarity on some point that you do not seem to understand from our blogs. By so doing you will be getting more information that will help you in the internet marketing field and will lead you to becoming and expert also.

I am doing all this not because there not much information on my blog or that there is nothing that you can learn from my blog but I like sharing all those that have been of great help to me and can  also be to you. A part from this you will also understand that it possible after you get to see the examples of many people that are already making it the internet marketing field or working online.


Here is the list of some of the top performing blogs that I can recommend to you and that will change your thinking. They will make you into a different person all together because of the in for mention that you will learn from them after reading many articles that are on these blogs. Remember that there be no any change if you do not read but look at them or if you read and do not take action as instructed on these blogs.

1.       Smart Online Incomes

2.       Smart Passive Income

3.       Viper chill

4.       Dollars and Roses

5.       John Chow

6.       Entrepreneurs Journey

7.       Mathew Woodward

8.       Cloud Income

9.       Pinch of Yum

10.     Entrepreneur boost

This is not the end of the list but I have list those that Call top ten that you will have to follow as per my selection after a detailed research.

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Legit work from home business ideas

Now that you are finally here today I would like to share with you all the details that you will need when you are looking for a work from home business ideaswork from home opportunity. There are many opportunities of this kind but many are still looking for something that will be right for them. You will only make it in this field after getting the right work from home opportunity if you get the wrong opportunity you will be wasting your time and all the investment that you will put in there for the start. Since this has been in your mind for many years now as you are still looking for the opportunity that will really change your life and enable you get out of all the debts that have been upon you such that you have not been able to have the peace and joy that many are looking forward to. For you to be successful in this you will have to follow three main type of work from home business opportunities. I will be addressing all those opportunities that have really helped many people and have been a great success to all those that are following these.

Affiliate marketing – with this you will be selling other peoples products and will be entitled to a commission after completion of the sale. You will be doing all this online in the comfort of your own home.  You will have many ways that you can market all these to so that you can finally make a commission after generating a sale. You will be doing this by joining all the companies that sell goods or services and have an affiliate program attached to that which is most of time free to join.  Commission rates from these companies will vary according to the companies that you will be working with.

Information marketing – here you will be offering all the information that people are looking for online in various niches that you can target. These niches will be in many different areas some might be in something that you are really interested in or areas that have a great following online where many people search online to get that type of information. By so doing you have a high traffic of all those that will be looking for information that you provide on your site coming over to your website. After getting all this great traffic that you will also have an opportunity by providing adverts to these people offering the product that are related to the information that you are offering on the site. Meaning all those that look at the advert or click on those ads that might be inform of banners will result into you getting paid by the respective companies.

Creating your own product – It might seem to be something that is really difficulty for many that are reading this now. I agree that there are some challenges that you will get to face on the way but with the right guidance you will make it. Creating products that you can sell online is not as difficult as creating offline product that are not digital. Online product can be in form of ebooks, Audio or video that will be teaching buyers on how you can do something.

Thank you so much for following me till this far I believe  you have learnt some till now if you still have any questions with regard to this you can still contact me on the contact for below. Also look out as while I share with you on how you can get started in all this.

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Make Passive income from freelancer using your skills

You are reading this article because you have been touched with the heading that you are looking at. If that is not the case then you are among those that are looking for way that you will increase your income in any way that you possibly can. Some of you might have head from many that are making it online while working from the comfort of their own homes. With this they have been able to run away from the traffic that many of us are facing while we are going to work. This habit of running away from traffic has been a dream for many of us so that we can have a better time for us to stay with our kids. Apart from staying with our kids we are also looking at way in which we can have time to visit place but this has not been that easy due to the traffic that we have to face on the way.

These are just among some of the reason as to why we are failing to enjoy life to the fullest and we have ended up having stress due to all these issues that we have failed to control and manage. Since you are here I will be sharing one of the means on how you can make money online using you skill that you have while working few hours per day. In this method you will be taking advantage of the method called outsourcing. You might have head of this term but for those that have not head of this outsourcing is basically employing people to do some of the duties that you cannot do or can do but have no time to do that yourself. Your question will be how will I take advantage of this? You are right you will be taking advantage of this by offering to do these duties are not being done by the owner because they are busy or have not skill for them.

This will be done using the sites where you show off your skills and other come to same site looking for people with their skills that they can hire at fee in exchange of skills. For example you are a graphic designer and someone wants a banner his or her blog to de designed they will put up an offer on this site looking for a graphic designer to design a banner for their blog or website on this site. These offers will be placed there together with the budget of the amount that they are ready to offer for the design. After posting these offers you will be notified because the offered that is here related to the skill that you have on this profile and then you can go on and contact this client. After you contact this they will interview you only and then they will offer you this if you are pleased. These can be something to be done only once or they might be duties that will be done for a long term all depending on the client.


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How to get blogging ideas for beginners

If you are running a blog for a company or you are running your own personal blog you will have to make sure that you update the blog blogging ideas fot beginnerson frequent basis. For you to make it in this manner you will have to get some topics that you will write about. All topics that you will write about on your blog are to be in line with the subject of you blog. By doing this you will ensure that that subject of your blog is maintained.

The challenge that is there for many of us that are managing blogs is, where can I get the topics to write about?  If you can manage to get the blogging writing ideas that will make you blog have the continuous flow of content. And the more that you have you blog updated this will also give your blog authority in the search engine. Here are some of the places that will offer ideas on the blog tops that you can write about that will be in line with your blog.

Reading other blogs that offer the same information like that which you have on your blog will lead you to getting ideas that you will write about. You will not be coping the content from these blogs but you will get ideas while you the read these blogs.  While reading the post from these blog you will have the flow of ideas in mind that you can write about. These topics that is different from what you are reading but partially related.  You can also write about the same topics as per the post that you have read but you will have to add more content to it.  This might be deal to you having more ideas than those that you have seen are being offered on that post.

Checking the content that you have on your blog will help you in coming up with ideas. All the content that you have written on your blog can also give some writing ideas if you read this post that might seem to be old. By so doing you will have some other article ideas that you can write about that will be in line with these articles that you will call part two.  Apart from also being the part two and so on of these articles they may also be the revised version of the article if something that you talked about in that article has under gone some changes. For example if you were talking about another site and functionality you will be able to have write a new article on that site if there has been any change in functionality.

Finally you will also get writing ideas from some social media site like linked in, Facebook, twitter etc. This can be done by searching for the post keywords that are related to your blog topic. After doing this search you will get many topics that have the keyword that you are targeting it using these topics you can come up with ideas that you will write about that are so much in line with you blog content.

Hope all these tips that I have shared with you will give you the best blogging ideas and offer life to your blog that has been dormant for a long time. There are many tips that will give you blogging ideas but I just share the ones that I use the most. These have really helped me in my blogging career and I believe they will also help you.

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Most legit online business models

If you are just getting started online you will have to be very careful in anything that you would like to do online in order to online business modelsmake money online.  With this being the issue because many have been scammed the have decide to look for best online business models that will really give them money and they will have development as far as online business is concerned. If you are among this group of those that are looking for the right business models then you are finally at the right place as I will be sharing the best business models that have worked for me.

You might have head of many business models on online mean that you can use to make money and some of you have joined these but you have not received what you had been promised on these sites.  These have been an ongoing trend for you that you are being ripped of all your hard earned cash what making any progress. There are many reasons that have made many people fall for these scams but the major ones being our desire to make quick money online. This is has been issued by all that are selling these scams online because they know there are many out there that are looking  for way to make quick money online. There will also never be an end to scams that are there online unless we change our mind set.

After explaining this let me now introduce to you the best business models that we have online today and that I have texted and have worked for me.

Affiliate marketing: this is the major business model that you will encounter when it comes to online money making. You might be asking that what this is. This is where by you will be standing in as a middle man on many products. Since there are many sites that are selling different products online, sites like,, etc. On these sites you will have to join their affiliate programs after which you will be given the affiliate link that you will place on the site. After which all those that will be taken to these sites via your affiliate links you will be entitled to the commission on all these sales.  With this you will be able to make commission on all products that you are affiliated with and are promoting on your blog.

Making and selling your own products: you will now have the opportunity to make your own product that you will be selling online. There are many formats of products that you can sell online and the major ones are Videos, EBooks and Audio files. You will have these on your site and they will download these after payment has been done. Using this you will be keeping the all amount after you have sold all these products. The difference being that you with affiliate marketing you are making a commission.

Apart from us using any money making means you will also have to get traffic to these traffic online then will you have buyers or action takers on your site. A site without traffic is like a shop without customers. For ways on which you can bring more traffic to your blog you will have to read the traffic generation article that I have shared with you.


Solomon Mwale Internet Marketer, Smart Online Incomes p:+255 655 707544 | m:+255 787 707444 | | w: | a: Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Perfect conversion tracking tool

Tracking your conversion if you are using the paid traffic method is really necessary. This does not mean that you cannot conversion trackingfollow up on the free traffic method but you will definitely have to follow up on the free methods also so that you can know where the traffic is coming from. It has most of the times been emphasized on the paid traffic method because there is a cost attached to this traffic medium. If you are tracking you will have the best details that will help you to tell if that traffic method is really paying or are you getting any return with that traffic method.

After understanding all this you will now be looking for the tracking tools that will be able to do this work for you. As always being the case there are many tools that you will hear and have heard about with regard to tracking traffic conversions.  However before you start using any of these tool you will have to look at these traffic methods in details and see if they have all the features that you are looking for and are suitable for what you want to track. While making this great decision there are some issues that you will have to take into consideration that will help you with getting the perfect tool as per your requirement.

  1. Should be online tool that you just have to login and set up everything that is it. This will save you time but not having to worry if the tool is working or it is not working and managing all the maintenance of the tool. It will also help for all those that are not good at programming but have a little knowledge when it comes to doing that. Also all tools that are of this type are all being managed and maintained by experts that are good at that which mean you will not have any problem that theirs site is not working for a month.
  2. Easy to use interface will make it very easy also for all those that are just starting at using these tools. If you are looking at something that has a very complicated interface this will take much of your time instead it will be better that you looking for something that will offer something easy for you.
  3. Has been there for long period of time as conversion tracking tool. There are some tools that are just up today and tomorrow they are not there and without any notice to all those that were using those tools these are not the right tools to use. If you are among those that were using this you will not even get the data that you had on this site. This will be a great loss as you will not have ant past details that you can refer to. So picking the tools that have been in business for a long time will really avoid all this for you and ensure a smooth ride.


After getting all these in in order I will recommend some of the tools are having these features that you can use for your conversion tracking. Some are paid tools while some are free tools  but still do the work. Depending on your budget you will have to see which will do, paid tools have more features compared to the free ones. The top tools that are used for this are prosper 202.

Thank you so much for you reading this post on this blog should you have any other question please feel free to conatct me here on the comment.

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Branding companies for small business

Branding is something that is really important in any business that you will find yourself doing. That has been there for a long Brading for small businessperiod of time and a means of marketing. For you to be able to stand out you will have to do some branding for all your business so that many can differentiate from others. We have seen this with many big companies in different fields like Television, Construction, Hotel, transportation. All these have branded themselves in one way or another.

This can be in many ways that you will be branding yourselves but this will all depend on the colors that you will pick for the company that you are running. Apart from the colors there also has to be the design that will go with these colors. After you have arranged all these in order you will then have to get them printed on displayed on all many different media and material platforms like Banners and billboards.

Now that you will be displaying this on all these different mediums I will be sharing with you on how you can display this on the email. It will have to be on all email that you will be sending out as a signature at the bottom so that all those that are reading the email can also get the information with regard to your company. There more email that will be going out will also allow more distribution of your company brand and awareness to all that will be reading the emails. For all this to happen, you will have to get some of the tools that will basically come up with the best tools so that you can make the email signature that will pop out to all that you will be reading these emails that you send out.

You might have come across many tools that you can use to make an email signature that are available online. Apart from these tools you are also able to design this email signature using the email software that you are using that is both hosted and free one. Free email tools that you can use are tools like Hotmail, Gmail, Rediffmail, Aol, etc and the major one the we use the for the hosted email address are Microsoft Outlook Express. 

Finally coming to the end of this without taking a lot of your time allows me to introduce to you a tool that you will use for making a perfect and active email signature. Why I am saying this perfect it all because of the features that this online tool has that you will not get anywhere else that easily. The tools is called with this tool you will make a perfect email signature that will allow you to put all the links directing the traffic to your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. All these links are clickable links that will direct all those that click to respective social profiles.

Thank you so much for taking to your time to get more information about branding.


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Checking Blog Upload speed – Online tools

When I was just starting in internet marketing I stared with one blog. That blog had enough content to make anyone that came 320px-Texas_80_mph_speed_limit_unveilingto that blog stay there for a long time. It is not that there was a lot of content only but the content was also very engaging to the extent that those that visited for the very first time had to keep on coming back as many times as they possibly could do so. Now apart from this site having all these better features there was something that was really missing that needed to be done? It was problem that had started to affect the traffic that was coming to this blog. The major problem here was what I want us to look at in this article and that is blog or website speed. It is something that we most of the times overlook and never care about apart from the content to the site that we will have to add. Due to our never knowing most of us have fallen victims to this when you look at our sites and blog have problem like:

1.       They are very slow when opening. When you type the url in any browser instead of opening fast like the other site do they take a lot of time. Which mean you will have to wait for the site to open so that you can get the information for anything that you were looking for. This is also the same even if you search for that site in any search engine and you click on the link it will take a long time to open.

2.       Apart from just opening after the site is open it will also take a long time to upload all the content that come with that site. The major issue has been on images and videos that are listed on that site. Your waiting time will be very long if you want to see these images. Most of the times for text it has been really easy as that is not too heavy to upload so you will see the text faster than you can see the images and videos even though they are hosted on the same site. Till here most of you will agree with me when it comes to videos and pictures that you watch online from different blogs and sites.

3.       Another issue that you will face will be with some links on the site that are not working. When you click on those links you will never be taken anywhere they are basically dead. And because we are here looking for information we will not have any time to contact the owner like we do in shop if the owner is not there we will definitely call the number that is displayed on the shop and this is for loyal customers only. Now that there is now where to go all we will do is look for another site that will offer what we are looking for. Meaning this will be a great loss to the site owner if he was selling anything

I have decided to share this not because I am not the only one that is facing this but because there are many out there also facing this. Some you started very well with your sites having a lot of traffic but as time went by you keep on losing traffic to your blogs or sites day by day. No matter how much content you have added you are still losing traffic. I can assure you it is all because you did not get some time to check the speed of your site despite adding a lot of good content. It might be because you are not a tech guy and you have not found someone to do this for you.

Understanding that you not a tech guy and being on a budget I will recommend a tool that will check all this for you for free and that is This will measure the upload speed of you site and if there anything wrong they will also offer recommendations. I am not saying that is the only tool but this is the one that I have been using for long time and I have found it to be too reliable.

Get started today and test the speed of you blog or website at

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Top 4 social media plugins for wordpress in 2014

Any business that you will be doing being online or offline you will have to spread the news about it in any way or another. On socail_plugins_for_wordpressmost of the offline business we have managed to have this done by speaking to all those that are close to us or in short those that we socialize with. By socializing with others about our business this has really proved to be very effective. Through doing this we have managed to get many people to our business and has resulted into cheap publicity. Since you are looking at a profit in any business that you start this has really proved too successful by saving us a lot on the advertising cost. Due to this great successful and introduction of technology socializing has extended to online mediums where we also get to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can also use these networks to socialize online like we do on the offline.

Online socializing is made easy by using all the social media plug in that you can have on your blog. These plugins will help all those that like your content to share it that easily with others that they are linked with in the respective networks. There are many wordpress social plugins that you will be able to use for your blog depending on what really looks good for you. If you are looking for a plug in there are some things that you will have to look at before taking your choice.

  1. Should be something that will be very easy to setup and easy to understand when It comes to using for all those that will be coming to your blog or site.
  2. Should have a better look on your site not something that will be like adding more text or graphical hence making you site look dirty. This might make some not to go on with your site details.
  3. Will have to be compatible with the all the wordpress format that will be upgraded in the future.

Here are some of top 4 social plugins for your wordpress blog for 2014

Share Buttons by add this – This is the most popular social sharing tool for all those that are using wordpress. It has been there for very longtime and offers many social sharing sites that you can have listed on this tool. Using this you will be able to share the content to up 300 social sharing sites.

Share this: share Button and social analytic – with this sharing tool you will have access to 120 social sharing sites. It will also offer you the statistics for all social sites that you have.

Social sharing, Social login, social commenting and More - As per the name of this plug in you will be able to share any content on the blog. You will also be able to log in using you social media accounts and comment on any post that will on the blog that uses this wordpress plug in. It gives you access to 25 or more social sharing sites where to share your content.

Digg Digg – this is an all in one sharing button it also offer a floating bar that will be floating on your content. It offers all the popular social sharing sites that will offer you all the options to share your content on all these social sharing sites.

You might have heard of many of these social sharing sites but I have just decided to share those that have really helped me. If there is anything that you would like to share please do so below.

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